In mourning

That I've seriously thought about committing suicide just so i could see my dog again. It's been 2months but i still think of him everyday. I can't stop crying thinking of him and i still can't talk about it without fear of bawling my eyes out.
I miss you so, so much. It feels like my heart has broken and it will never be one again if i see another lab i can't even deal bc life was unfair to let them live while you had to die. You were such a gentle obedient loyal friend.

F*** cancer.

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  • Reminds me of an old fairytale I heard as a child about a man whose love died, so he jumped off the mountain they lived on and they still live together on that mountain.

  • You know, I cried reading this post. It reminds me so much of my cat named Pepper. She had to get put down about three months ago because of cancer. She was the cat that I got before I was in kindergarten. Whenever I was sad, she would cheer me up, and whenever I was lonely, she comforted me. She was my remedy. I haven't cried about her recently, but when I read this post, I cried and cried and cried. Just don't think about the death of your dog, think about all of the happy moments you had with it. It doesn't work at first, though. At first, it makes you even more sad, because you will never get to do that again. I think the most that I cried about her was when I was looking through my kindergarten stuff and I found a paper that said "Pepper's tail is good. Neck good. Eyes good. Her heart is beating." I cried, thinking of how much I loved her. The only other time I have cried that much about her was when I was reading this post. I can totally relate.

  • my dog didnt just die. MY GRANDMA HAD HIM PUT TO SLEEP WITHOUT ME KNOWING!!! i feel so betrayed!! but if it didnt happen he MIGHT have been in lots of pain. no fair! i loved him so much. we did not even have a funeral for him because she said we would CELEBRATE his life. he had no life. he was nearly blind, only ten years old human years. he loved me, i loved him, he protected me, slept on my bed every night and rubbed his scent on me, he loved me, i love him. but on that day, and for quite a while, i wept, i wept bitterly, i was so filled with sorrow, i mourned, cried so hard! but, then, i did get better. life is good. i'm happy. it just takes a while. its not the same though,, you slip sometimes, but don't kill yourself! you would make even MORE people feel SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO... 8 much worse! for forever! plus, i would be so sad. be happy, i'm here, with you, i'm your friend, i will always, be your friend. you don't know me. i have suffered so much, that i can't say... now i'm crying!!!! but yoiur my friennd i anm yyoourss. trust me.

  • Awww. So sorry for your loss. I know what it's like to lose a pet to cancer. It's unfair and extremely difficult to deal with, but you can and will get through it. It will get easier in time. You have to allow yourself to grieve. You will never forget him. You know that you gave him the best life any dog could have. He loved the time he spent with you, the walks, rides in the car, treats, and throwing the ball (a lab's best friend). Try to remember the good times you two shared and talk about them with friends. Have some comfort in knowing that he's up there in doggie heaven - cancer free, chasing that ball of his and doing what he loved. Maybe some day they'll be room in your heart and home for another pet, it will never replace you're old friend, just another friend to love when you're ready.

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