I will love you forever

My dad's a heroin addict, I have a very depressed mother.
Being the eldest I lost hope in life, I have weird thing going on with my body, doctors first thought I had chron's turns out I was wrongly diagnosed for 7 years HAHAHA, now I'm 19 still suffering from my disease, I smoke, I drink booze, I use crystal meth, I don't give a f*** about life, just living because I feel I have the responsibilities to pay back my parent's for all the things they did for me.
My sister's {17} a lesbian, My brother {18} fools around with girls, I'm to worried what will happen to my youngest brother {13}. Few months backs I met this girl, fell in love with her at first sight, confessed to her on the day I got her number, she wanted to remain friends to be a nice guy I quit smoking and meth, I still drink not as much as I use to, I notice things are getting very serious between she confessed she loves me but she wants to concentrate on her studies, I was fine with that then things got worse for me, my health started to worsen I ignored Her, I just txt her I'm going to smoke. she's crying I know. I just can't take knowing that she's going to suffer if she's still with me I'm gona ignore her. Hopefully I die without much pain in a faraway place, so she wont know I'm dead
I'm sorry you deserve a better guy

May 23, 2012

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  • A tweaker and a depressed person crank out four kids because nobody bothered to stop them. Shockingly, the kids are at least as f***** up as the parents. And so it goes, generation after generation.

    Keep up the good work, humanity. Your portrayal as a pathetic kind of cancer crawling all over the planet is riveting!

  • Dont kno how this girl loves u be2use ur totally fuckd up cut out drink drugs smoke get job place of ur own at present ur not fit 2 hav a dog not alone girl

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