29 year old virgin

In the next three days, I will turn 29 years old. And I will still be a virgin.

I am beautiful - by all standards, I am just not sure why it hasn't happened. There is something wrong...

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  • There's nothing wrong with you! :)
    I lost mine at 24.And if I didn't find my soulmate back then,I would've waited,until I did :) There isn't a age limit,on when a person should lose their virginity.So chill :) Don't conform to peer/societal pressure,culture and idealisms,in regards to your virginity.
    Be free,beautiful and live life.Let it happen,naturally x

  • I am a 32 year old virgin,i hate you all.I wish cancer upon all of you.

  • Gosh! What's shot up your ass?!

  • intead of being on the internet , get out and enjoy yourself. take your mum out for a meal plenty to drink go home and give her more than one. now thats a good son.......

  • If you're nearby, you can come sit on my c*** while I play Diablo 3.

    Perhaps you could grab some weed on the way and we can get high too.

  • I am a 32 year old Virgin,i am way better than you are.I have had 7 girlfriend's in my life-time.And never once,i ever asked them for a nice one night stand,i am still a virgin,and i am happy that way.

  • There is nothing wrong . . . except, of course, for the notion that there's something wrong. You needn't rush. Love --- and s** --- will find you.

  • Outstanding reply and sooo true.

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