Sh**** I know you love him

So my wife and I had been married for 18 years. I filed for divorce because we had started doing things to hurt each other. She has been saying that I was cheating on her for years. Finally one day I did cheat on her with a man in our house. Later on I realized that she has cheated on me through our marriage. She keeps on bringing up that she didn’t cheat. Now we’re trying to work things out again and she had been f****** this guy. She says she doesn’t have feelings for him but they were friends before they f*****. She keeps on guilting me with this girl I was banging. It’s messed up. She doesn’t realize I know why she acts guilty, it’s because she is.

Mar 31, 2020

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  • Uh you slept with a guy? Pffftt, anyway you should probably not have done that just because she did it instead you should break it off with her and then find someone else or just be single yet available to anyone

  • That's kind of all over the place. You were both cheating, so... now what? If she's insisting on keeping to a lie, that's her problem. And just to be clear, you cheated at least twice-- once with a man, once with a girl?

  • OP must be pretty guilty if he can't reply!

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