I'm a f****** p****. Back when people
Didn't want to help me, now that I'm a welder I make 60 bucks an hour pull out 4K weekly. I can be a bit cocky but I earned this I had to struggle working part time and minimum wage to pay for my school save up and pay it myself took lots of sacrifices from being young and going out to play football let go of friends had no gfs never went out etc. now look at me I can manage myself. Last week I went out and bought a pickup truck lifted customized worth of 60k paid it cash right away. Got my mom et house paying my sisters school paying my apartment taking care of my bills and I have family members bashing me and hating me because I'm just a stinking 21yr old dude. Everything I do is wrong because I enjoy taking my family on unique vacations or because I buy the most expensive food and dine in at 5star or because I wear the most expensive stuff according to them. I don't manage my money right but I don't give a s*** I don't bust my but off on the road working more than 12hr days 7 days a week to not spend my money. I have my savings. I know what I want. Why are people so judge mental on how you manage your own worked for money. You worked for
It let me f****** enjoy my s*** nobody was ever here when I was going to school for me or when I needed something why do they care... I make more money than any person in my whole
Family including rns engineers doctors eat a d*** I'm young let me spend how I want you didn't work for it or bust your butt off studying and trying to better yourself to learn and become a pro. I did it for me and for
My family. Peace and love bro. F*** all these gold diggers also only hit a dude up when they find out I'm 21 and a welder wait to see how much they slay ... GTFO

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  • Better watch out for those gold diggers !

  • Enjoy it you never no lease people on this earth they always judge wether you work for your
    Stuff or not

  • F*** emmmmm bro stay up congrats and best to you in life

  • Gold diggers

  • Don't listen to what they say do you

  • Damn 21 and making 60 bucks a f'n hour Wdf I should be a welder too in a week you make 4,000 I had a friend who was making same as you except he only
    Worked 5days a week but still damn

  • You
    Ain't worried bout nun

  • Bro I heard welders make millions a year congrats enjoy that

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