I was finally groped by a stranger

I fantasized about being groped by a stranger for a long time and it finally happened. It didn't go how I imagined but it was so amazing I really want to be felt up again by a stranger on a metro or bus.

My girlfriends and I were celebrating a birthday so the plan was dinner and a concert. The smallish venue had tables layed out like a comedy club or dinner theatre. So before the show you face each other across the table but when the concert starts you turn sideways to see the stage.

Anyways we got tickets late so our tables were at the back. There were supposed to be two empty seats against the wall but they must've sold them because two men were sitting there when we arrived. The men were sitting sideways on their chairs and leaning back against the wall.

I ended up with a seat next to one of the men. I took off my jacket, hung it on the back of my chair and sat sideways in my chair to face my friends and see the show, so my back was to the man.

My friends and I had been drinking a fair amount over dinner and we ordered more drinks at the show. My girlfriend across from me was swaying to the and told the men I hope you don't mind if we're dancing when the show starts. I turned when she said that and noticed the men were kind of old, like 50s or 60s, but they said no problem. I they needed to they could stand up.

The man behind me had his hand on the table right next to me and when I was turning back around he moved it closer to me so it was touching my arm. It felt a little weird so I tried to move away a little. He grabbed both my arms, squeezing them and leaned to my ear and said I could dance all I wanted, he could always lean around me if he needed to see. Him being that close was a little creepy but whatever.

When the show started the man behind me put his hand on the table again so it was against my right arm and he leaned his left arm on the back of my chair so that hand was close to my left arm. Trying to make some distance I turned a little and asked if he could see, trying to put my arm up on the back of my chair to nudge his off, but he stayed firm and my turning a little actually made the side of my b*** touch his hand. He put his mouth by my ear and said his view was great.

So the concert begin with him right behind my back, his face almost at my ear and both his hands right next to my arms. Every move I was making seemed to result in his hands touching me. I don't know if it was the drinks taking hold, the music, the atmosphere or what but I started to make a little movements so I could feel if his hands were still there and I was getting aroused by it because clearly the old man was trying to get a feel.

Suddenly I felt a hand stroking the side of my b***. My jacket on the chair blocked anyone from seeing but everyone was watching the show anyways. I was dancing in my chair he used each opportunity to press my b*** but I was acting like I didn't notice.

He started making bolder moves and was actually caressing and cupping my breast and I didn't do anything. He brought his other hand to my other b***, rubbing the sides of both. When his finger ran over my nipple, it was a flurry of feelings and I pushed his hand away. It was no doubt exciting in a physical way but it was freaking scary too. This guy was almost old enough to be my father and there was nothing attractive about him at all. Like seriously, not at all.

He was getting more aggressive and squeezing my b**** more and I could hear his breathing in my ear. It was gross because he was almost panting and grunting. My friends got up and were dancing so I got up too. I thought this would create some space but he stood up and pressed himself right against my back and he had a f****** h******. He also took the opportunity to slide one hand under my blouse, he was holding my hip with the other.

One good thing about it being under my blouse is that it was less likely anyone could see it. He was squeezing my b*** and trying to pull my bra down over my nipple. I kept trying to pull his hand away but he was more persistent and he finally had a nipple out that he was squeezing and pulling. Then he moved his other hand up, under my blouse and pulling my nipple out. Anyone looking would have thought something was going on.

I was trying to pull his hands down but then he started to pull my blouse up and he was grinding his d*** against me, pressing between my ass cheeks. I couldn't believe how aggressive and forceful he was. It was like he didn't care if anyone saw but I did, so I finally stopped struggling and he sat down pulling me down with him. He had me on his lap and my t*** out, my blouse just covering them. He only stopped once when he tried to pull my hand around to feel his d*** but I pulled it away and he went back to pawing my b****, pulling me against his chest.

The music slowed to a quieter song and I pulled away from him just as my friends and everyone else were sitting back down. I managed to pull my bra back over my b**** again. I grabbed my purse to go to the bathroom and straighten up. But my p**** was so wet I couldn't deny the effect it had on me. I brushed my hair and put cool water on my neck and decided it would not start up again.

Returning to the table, I did not look at him and just sat down as far away from him as I could. Nothing happened though a couple songs and I figured that was over. My friends and I got up and were dancing again and his hands started again but he was going directly for pulling my nipples free and he leaned into my ear to say that he wanted to suck them that he wanted me to breastfeed him. I pulled his hands away and turned and said NO! A couple of my friends turned and I said the creep was bothering me. A friend offered to change seats but I didn't think that would be fair so when the server came by my friend said this old man was harassing me. The man just held up his hands like he was innocent and the server said there wasn't really anything she could do.

Shortly after that the men left. The show ended soon after and I was never so happy that I had chosen to carpool with a couple friends. As arousing as it was, I would have been terrified of what could happen on a parking lot alone!

All that said, even with the fear factor, I would love for it to happen again. I was wet the entire way home and had a nice long date with my magic wand.

Mar 30

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