EEERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Dnt know... I Dnt know.. ok we say we love each other we say muah nd hav lil laughs here nd there then it gets awkward again... sureeeee u like someone else I respect tht Ig... tho u sayyy the only reason we not together is Cuz of sere we live ok I got tht tho u make it super awkward Whn u juss say okayy to everything idk wht to think sure the person u like is pretty yeáa ... tho I'm pretty to.. Suree shes funny .. I'm funny to I dunno its stupid of me to think these things... nd I'm sorry forgot we only dated. 2 days then u broke up wit me(: nd I was ur babe for those two days <3 smhhh nd Whn I say I kno u Dnt (like me anymore I'm still ur babe in my heart I get this ^_^ ok well if tht wht u think ok then but if she were to say in her heart shes ur babe u would b like " yea (: <3 in mine to " nd s*** nd it not fair I'm sorry I Dnt live near u by u or In the state as u but u Dnt need to tell me u dreamt about her I mean SMHHH but heyyy its w.e ill get over Ig! While listenin to stupid songs yepp

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  • Let me guess... you failed English I in high school.


  • I would learn some English then rewrite this confession...Yo.

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