I want to Kill my Step-Father

I can't f****** take this g******* mother f***** any more all he freaking does is bully me and my brother around and try to act like mr.nice guy afterwards my real dad who by gods grace considering this country's currupt courts was able to get joint custody. I love my real dad h*** i would take a bullet for any member of my family there lives are worth more than mine i dont consider my step father or his family part of mine just because he f***** my mother who i hold a grudge against but still dont have open hatred for. the divorce happened when i was very little around 5 i still remember the fighting... then a****** mcgee f****** turns my childhood into a living h*** hitting and being yelled at for stupid s*** was common. i can relate to people who live in dictatorships because i know what having no rights is like your own f****** home. all those years i spent bottleing up hatred and fear im a teenager and still to scared to stand up to him but whenever i get call by him i bring a knive with me... just in case i worry im one day going to snap i will be out of the house soon in which i intend to move far away from him and go to college get married have kids and not repeat my step father's stupidity. in my opinion some people should have there right to live taken away or at least castrated... i worry about my brother his normality in life has not been taken away no roded from him than it has to me for example before he came into my life i had a social life but that's gone now i just sit alone with no one to talk to just full of broken and dark thoughts i can't repair... i have thoughts of stabing him and whatching him die i dont know how im going to find happiness in this god frosaken world we live in [personally i was hopeing the world would end 2012] i might consider living on a remote park of the earth and just spend the rest of my days in a quiet and isolated life since i believe that if the world is filled with people like him whats the point of interacting with other humans. advice would be appreshated...


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  • That i want to kill my stepdad and he is a b**** this really help mw a lot.

  • P.s. we don't talk. We are like roommates that do not talk or look at one another. most nights I fall asleep wondering if he will shoot us all with his guns, so I keep a knife near me everywhere I go. He is an alcoholic, redneck, biochemist, with two biological children who barely talk to him either

  • We are twins, in everything you said, except my reL father has been dead, and my mother is a beautiful idiot. I've been living like this for 17 years. I just had my power shut off in my room and I pay for the s***. I hope your life is better.

  • *there was a conflict*

  • * there was a conflict*

  • I am a step father who has raised and is still raising five kids whose real father has nothing to do with them unfortunately th we eat is conflict between me and the two middle boys 14 &15 who have no respect for their mother who is a hard working woman and good mother but they still talk to her foul so i say something and they felt that they were gonna swing on me at the time I wanted nothing more then to put them on their a**** but knew better not only because I care about them but also I had a violent history and had spent time in prison and they both know that. But also could not call the police for the same reason because I dont want to ruin their lives before they even start so I chose to just hold them down till my older stepson was able to get one and my wife the other. I have raised these kids for ten years loved them and spoiled them now I just count till they are 18 since my wife wont agree to send them to boot camp.

  • PS. My comment about cinderella syndrome wasn't meant to lessen the responsibility these pieces of s*** (bully stepfathers) have for their actions. I just wanted you to know there are lots of people in your shoes who go to sleep every night with a lump in their throat and live in constant fear with nobody in your corner. Believe me, I *know* what you're going through. You're almost through it though. You're at the end. You're about to reach the age of majority then you can leave.

  • I had a similar childhood until I finally escaped. Much like yours, my "stepdad" (for lack of a better term) was also a bully piece of s*** (ever since I was 5 - when they met). Starting when I was about 8-9, I used to lul myself to sleep at night with the soothing fantasy of murdering him in his sleep. I still want to kill him. Maybe one day, he'll say the wrong thing and I finally will. It's funny though, because I actually hate my mother more. Afterall, she's the one who completely betrayed me and spent years failing to protect me. The funny thing is, the worst day of my life was when I was informed that my mother was pregnant - with his child. To me this was confirmation that my mother's empty promises of ending the torment and leaving him would never happen. Fast forward 20 years later: My half brother and I are thick as thieves and he hates my step-father's other children as much as I do (there are 4 of them and they are all diabolical pathological liars). Anyway, I know this isn't about me. I just wanted to illustrate that you're not alone. Apparently scumbag step-fathers are so common that there is a named condition for when then abuse their step-kids (cinderella syndrome - wiki it). Sooner or later you'll get away. Then maybe when you're bigger and stronger than him, he'll give you the justification needed for you to beat him within an inch of his life. I still sometimes hold out hope that this happens with me.

  • I don't know what country your in but call the police , if you feel your life is in danger where is your mom ?

  • Kill him,than runaway.you are better off as somebody else,you hate him.he deserve's to die.

  • Killing him would mainly ruin your life. Then you would end up in prison and find out what real bullies are. At least this one will be out of your life in a few years. Just worry about school, do this best you can and then you will get out and get your own life when the time comes.

    By the way, as soon as you turn 18 you can do what you want and go live with your dad totally. Tell your mom you will visit with her when the bully is not around. Good Luck.

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