I want to Kill my Step-Father

I can't f****** take this g******* mother f***** any more all he freaking does is bully me and my brother around and try to act like mr.nice guy afterwards my real dad who by gods grace considering this country's currupt courts was able to get joint custody. I love my real dad h*** i would take a bullet for any member of my family there lives are worth more than mine i dont consider my step father or his family part of mine just because he f***** my mother who i hold a grudge against but still dont have open hatred for. the divorce happened when i was very little around 5 i still remember the fighting... then a****** mcgee f****** turns my childhood into a living h*** hitting and being yelled at for stupid s*** was common. i can relate to people who live in dictatorships because i know what having no rights is like your own f****** home. all those years i spent bottleing up hatred and fear im a teenager and still to scared to stand up to him but whenever i get call by him i bring a knive with me... just in case i worry im one day going to snap i will be out of the house soon in which i intend to move far away from him and go to college get married have kids and not repeat my step father's stupidity. in my opinion some people should have there right to live taken away or at least castrated... i worry about my brother his normality in life has not been taken away no roded from him than it has to me for example before he came into my life i had a social life but that's gone now i just sit alone with no one to talk to just full of broken and dark thoughts i can't repair... i have thoughts of stabing him and whatching him die i dont know how im going to find happiness in this god frosaken world we live in [personally i was hopeing the world would end 2012] i might consider living on a remote park of the earth and just spend the rest of my days in a quiet and isolated life since i believe that if the world is filled with people like him whats the point of interacting with other humans. advice would be appreshated...


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  • Same brooo. My mom married my step dad but she makes me call him "dad", when I already have my dad in my life. Hes the worst, he always yells and cusses me out and hits and throws sh*t at me. But he acts so perfect around my mom. I would never dare tell my mom though, she says I try to split up their marriage and she WILL ALWAYS TAKE HIS SIDE. I'm pretty sure if he raped me, she'd still take his side. I will be 18 in 2 years and gone.

  • I can relate im 11 and my dads a alcoholic and he cusses me out and shoves me and hits me with plates and stuff he smokes weed and stuff all the time my mom will never leave him even though he punched her in the face twice while she was holding my 1 year old sister and my life revolves around online school and chores he freaked out today because i turned in a blank assignment and he took every thing i have we should all make and alliance and run away from home and meet eachother

  • My step dads and alcoholic too he’s just been diagnosed with a hernia and liver failure so hopefully that will get him before I f****** do

  • Today, I'm done, can't take this anymore. I can relate to you too. My stepdad is a f*cking a**hole too. Abusive, bully, mean, crazy and always thinks he's the f*cking lord. I want to kill him, I want to make him disappear, I want him GONE

  • I can relate, My stepdad have to be the most worthless piece of s*** I HAVE MET, All he does is goes to his dead end job in Panama for god know what and the rest is go home, sit on his f****** ass and yell at my mom and me for the stupidest s***, and sometimes he literally beats her, sometimes driving from his job and waking me and my brother up. with beating up my mom over his money that he's too stupid to manage properly, During arguments he insults me and literally accuses me of laughing while I'm shaking and crying in fear, He generally just does a bunch stupid s*** in turning up the TV too loud and then getting mad when I calmly ask to turn it down, He always mad over some stupid s*** like his boss he keeps whining about like the man is bullying his pathetic ass, Ironic as h*** I know. I don't get what my mom sees in him, he's ugly as f*** and has a stupid little pedostache, he's a angry little manbaby who reeks of s***** cigarettes, and I gets he's probably a gold digger since Mom is the one with a actual job, like my mom actual raises us while try to protect us from his crazy ass, honestly a deadbeat like him is lucky my mom pay attention to his pathetic ass, I don't know why my brother idolizes him, like I'm kind of a s***** sister, I'll admit but at least I don't beat up people and at least pay attention to him, I think I may get my dislike of men from him (and probably my old bully) and even then I know most men aren't as bad as him, I'm sometimes get really mad and start throwing thing in my room when he's around, I think if he just keel over and died our life would be more peaceful if he wasn't here, like life is a lot more happier with just me, mom and my brother but I can only wish

  • I hate my step dad too, he is so abusive and treats my mum like crap, my mum is never allowed to go out with her friends or anything she can only go and buy food for the family and pick up my siblings. My step dad just doesn’t care about anyone but himself. When him and my mum was fighting he came up to me and my sister and said that he would kill himself and my mum so me and my sister would suffer. The guy is super mental and needs to be put in jail. My mum is also stuck in a house as she is struggling to get a job to rent a house.

  • I hate my step dad so f****** much. He does the stupidest crap. I’m the youngest from my mom and my real dad. I have an older brother that has autism, and all the a****** wants is to control me and my brothers life. I keep asking my mother what the h*** she sees in him. And she always puts the blame on me. When its mostly the a****** that starts it . I keep thinking to myself that the world would be a better place without him. He has f****** abused me in all forms. I have called the police but they don’t do crap! I do more stuff then him he’s always at home, when I’m doing something. And he calls the me the lazy ass? I want him to die so much I feel in DANGER!!!!

  • I hate my stepfather so much he destroyed my life

  • My step dad acts like he on w my mom's house and car and he dose'not have a job and now my mom acts like him and he tells at me when I look for stuff that belongs to me and he was drunk like one million times and he drives when he is drunk and I'm scared he will hurt someone

  • I hate my stepfather so mush he corrupts my mum mind so much that I think she hates me i feel that he uses my mum just for a roof over his head he shouts at her so much that I feel to pick up a knife and stap the anger that I have out on him he even tell my mum stuff so she can be vex at me I hate him I just want him to come out of me my mum and my rest of family life I just wish that my dad could somehow 🤔🤔 come back into my family just have to pray to God and Hope

  • I"LL END THAT M*********** IGNACIO, I"LL END HIMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I will probably slit my dads throat tomorrow

  • Did you do it?

  • He will regret afterlife for calling me a f*****

  • I hate him much I will f****** burn him alive and burn him so much that police can not find his bones or any remaining

  • I want to kill my fat piece of s*** stepdad too

  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this was, I thought I was going crazy. That lazy fat a****** can go a choke on his f****** d*** for all I care that f***** c***

  • Same exact Sichuan and English is not my primary language

  • So damn relatable, Jesus Christ my stepdad can go jump into shark infested lava

  • My stepdads a f****** b******* I will be on ur side

  • Couldn’t agree more I f****** hate my step dad he is a f****** f***** and tells me off and my brother every f****** time I’m sick of it like seriously why do I even live with this dumb ass s*** head I want to leave this house and never visit him ever again. But I love the rest of my family even my real dad and my dad is with my step mum, she is really nice I don’t know why my step dad can’t be like my step mum.

  • Yeah, I’m in my 40s, have a kid of my own (who I do not hit), and I googled this. F*** all the bully stepmonsters. I hope you all never go through the violence the f****** make you feel, and get revenge by leaving the f****** behind and living better lives than these pathetic leeches. Except in cases where your mothers are also victims, you may have to ultimately hold them responsible. I had to with mine. I came to realize she was the common weak link. First she left my father (who was abusive to both of us). She had a chance to make her life better, but what did she do? She started dating before even getting an official divorce. One of her boyfriends wad nasty to me, and my stepfather was charming until they married. Then he was a manipulative, verbally and physically abusive s***. He didn’t lay a finger on her, but the abuse he did to me, and the poison he made in our family more than made up for it. I would celebrate his disappearance—except I know my idiot desperate loser mother would latch onto another crazy nasty manbaby. So I had to cut both of my biological parents off. My only regret is I didn’t do it a decade sooner. I would have healed faster and been a better-adjusted person sooner. Having those crazy people out of my life helped me find control and peace to have a happier family and present. It is not always perfect (as can be witnessed by my b*******), but—OMG—what a difference. As soon as you all can, make distance, find healing and make a lives away from the madness for yourselves.

  • I f****** have a step dad and I want to kill him get a f****** m1911 and shot the f****** asshoe if my dad never left me every thi
    Ng could have Ben fine

  • I will hurt him slowly, and painfully and he will be on his knees pleading for mercy and the. Will swim in his own blood for the f***** he his then will turn my oven on all the way and then when heated shove the stronger hand of his and stick it inside of struggles then I will burn his arm then water board him slowly till he passes out when passed out I will chain him to an old and bug-infested bed when in bed I will dump a box of centipedes, spiders and scorpions onto his face then put the antidote to centipede poison on his stomach and watch him slowly struggle and then I will feed him the poison into his mouth jamming the bottle into his throat too and then I will bring him for a drive into the desert and bury him alive for at least 50 mins then I will get all of his family members and friends pile them onto oil soaked hay bales then make him light it watching him suffer will be the best day of my life and then I will pour the most polluted water onto his wounds and then watch him get sick and then lash his wounds with a heated iron rod after that I will cut his other arm off and then put a mirror in front of himself and watch himself die slowly and miserably and knowing the fact that no one loved him and if they did they are dead thank you

    BTW I wrote the one on the bottom too

  • I will find my stepdad and kill him I saw his text on my mind phone and it makes me want to shove him into my garage storage and torture him every day of his life for 10 days then shove a sharpened pipe through him after that I will keep him alive and then when b*****, take a boat out to infested waters of sharks and other creatures and slightly dip him in then when he has lost at least 2 limbs bring him into the boat again and bring him to cougar-infested mountains and watch him slowly die, feebly and slowly

  • I just wanna shove a f****** knife through his throat and leave it there. Period. I don't like my Step-dad but my mum is always on his b***** side, it p***** me off. I can't move out yet either, It all sucks


  • I did it hes dead

  • If i could murder my stepdad i would my mum has been hit by him before and he is always finding some sort of excuse to hate me, even my sisters agreed he hates me and only me to find a way to get me in the wrong he has hit me before and my mother, he is just a c*** who acts like he is the man providing for the family when he cant even uphold a job. I just have to endure this nightmare luckily for my sisters they have moved out.

  • I feel completely the same, I cant f****** take this anymore. He yells at me for stupidest S*** IN THE UNIVERSE! I am s enraged, Ive waited for way too long Im about to break down. What have I ever done wrong to him?! Im a good kid, i get good grades, Im quiet, I dont go out much. CANT HE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?! OMFG

  • Same

  • I too want to kill my step dad. He’s so mean, but puts on this front in front of everyone like he’s nice but when he’s mad he’s evil. Today he bit my mom fingers when they were fighting, I usually forgive arguments but s*** like this is too far and it’s driving me crazy. I have nowhere else to go, but she’s probably gonna allow him back in after this too. I’m turning 21 in 2 months and I’ll be free to leave, I’ll get a job or even strip if I have too if he doesn’t leave for good, or if I can’t find a way to kill him with out getting caught.

  • I am 13 My step dad was someone who i thought was my real dad because he raised me while my dad was in jail for 4 years and I loved him.Thats saw his true colors after some years.my real dad passed away because someone shot him.that's when the change happened
    -he hit my mom
    -busted her back car window
    -talked s*** about her father
    -didnt take his son trick or treating
    -always tries to buy my forgiveness
    -called his mom a B**** and hit her
    -drunk driving
    -accuses my mom of cheating(I caught him with other girl in the bed with him sleep)
    -still lives with his mom
    -sells drugs for money even tho he had jobs and just quitted them

    The only reason my mom is with him is so she can be with me and my brother(from step dad).because she knows how he is so she deals with it for me even tho I can see its eating her up,even she wants him dead for his money .I want him dead to.

  • I'm sorry. My stepdad is a d******* too

  • My stepdad cheated on my mum but still manages to bang her every night i stay at his. they don't even think i know what s** is so they do it while i'm in bed but not asleep,and it keeps me up.

  • Same

  • My dad gets in my face and hits me repeatedly til my head feels horrible. he always takes away the stuff that is mine and everything i enjoy in life. i want to f****** kill him. im going to f****** stab him at least 300 times and f****** kill him. i hate him so f****** much. my real dad is a drug addict and doesnt care about me and my stepdad treats me like a piece of s***

  • I am So sorry. Please know that the God of this universe, Jesus Christ, loves you more than any man ever could. He can and wants to heal your hurt. Call upon the Lord Jesus and he will save you.

  • Felt the same thing my D*** of a step Dad talks crap behind his step kids back treats his step kids ike a**** and I would like to beat the s*** out him and kill him but my mom will find out and take away my phone and ground me for life any chance I can get my mom out of the picture so my Dickinson of a step Dad will get his untimely demise by a gun or knife without my mom my grandma his ex wife his kids and my uncles or my aunts finding out


  • My step-dads the same way, you should put nightquill in his drink, after hes asleep stab him in the jugular. i heard its really affective.

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  • How about you kill yourself instead

  • F*** you

  • U have big gay

  • F*** you too

  • My step dad doesnt even drink and he's f****** crazy

  • My step dad is an over grown piece of s*** he choked me almost killed me

  • You know What my stepdad s A price of s*** also he told me i wasn't going get and and I'm a a lazy b**** sitting in my room when all he does and sit on the couch ,eats chips, play video half the day,use my mom as a f****** slave and he tells I have no allowance to play the his console ,he let me pass out when I went to Disney land,he sreamed at me and ground for 3 months just because i was pretenting to play soccer in our apartment and last night he yelled for going in my room to read and my mom told my sister she needed to finish dinner in order to get dessert and my stepdad gave here a bag of candy any ways . I can't do any thing cause my real dad's in Jail For 15 Year's and I'm 12.

  • I don't blame you, my dad hit my mom, and nearly drowned me when i was younger ~anonymous~

  • My stepdad is a no good piece of s***!

  • My step-s*** is the worst person I have ever met and I have never felt so much hate in me, because of any other person rather than him. I would love to see him f****** dead.
    He is an aggressive alcoholic and a sociopath. I shouldn't feel guilty, but I always do, because he's more dear to my mother than I am. She's so stupid for believing in him. She can't see he destroyed our lives. I just want myself or him dead.

  • Beat his ass

  • I've never hated a person as much as I hate this man. I don't even hate my ex-wife who cheated on me as much as I hate this person. If murder was legal, he would be dead.

  • Same. my stepfather is a complete and utter piece of useless s*** who manipulates my mother, lies to me, accuses me of s*** i didn't do so that i get punished for it, intentionally makes me uncomfortable and is just a straight up idiotic d*******.
    i seriously don't know what my mother sees in him. he's worthless.

  • I hate my step dad and he always yells at me and not my brother and sister. Sometimes I contemplate grabbing a knife then chopping him into a thousand pieces and then keeping his blood in a jar where i can show my enemies.

  • I know how that felt, my mom's fiancé is a douchebag too. He's makes fun of things that I tried to do like cleaning the house and thinks that I'm a total r*****. I admit it, I have aspergers and I can be slow but I know what's up.

  • I made an account for this. i am diagnosed withadhd and mystepdad is probably the worst f****** match for me. I cant even start to explain all the retarted s*** that he does. He is not abusive and not really a bad guy but just so f****** thick skulled and stuck up in his own ways to acctually take a moment and think. for some reasone he doesnt belive a word i say and its overall very hard to live with him. he loses is temper to much and belives that everything he does is correct and that whatever i do is wrong. I dont think this is a good enough reason to be here.

  • Its nice to see that there are some people in this world that relates to me cause when im around my step dad or i would'nt call him a father i honestly want to kill that m***********' b******

  • That i want to kill my stepdad and he is a b**** this really help mw a lot.

  • P.s. we don't talk. We are like roommates that do not talk or look at one another. most nights I fall asleep wondering if he will shoot us all with his guns, so I keep a knife near me everywhere I go. He is an alcoholic, redneck, biochemist, with two biological children who barely talk to him either

  • Thats how mine is

  • Same situation my step dad tried to strangle my mum today it is getting out of hand

  • You definitely need to deal with this situation, if not already done so

  • Can you not call the police on him?

  • We are twins, in everything you said, except my reL father has been dead, and my mother is a beautiful idiot. I've been living like this for 17 years. I just had my power shut off in my room and I pay for the s***. I hope your life is better.

  • *there was a conflict*

  • * there was a conflict*

  • I am a step father who has raised and is still raising five kids whose real father has nothing to do with them unfortunately th we eat is conflict between me and the two middle boys 14 &15 who have no respect for their mother who is a hard working woman and good mother but they still talk to her foul so i say something and they felt that they were gonna swing on me at the time I wanted nothing more then to put them on their a**** but knew better not only because I care about them but also I had a violent history and had spent time in prison and they both know that. But also could not call the police for the same reason because I dont want to ruin their lives before they even start so I chose to just hold them down till my older stepson was able to get one and my wife the other. I have raised these kids for ten years loved them and spoiled them now I just count till they are 18 since my wife wont agree to send them to boot camp.

  • PS. My comment about cinderella syndrome wasn't meant to lessen the responsibility these pieces of s*** (bully stepfathers) have for their actions. I just wanted you to know there are lots of people in your shoes who go to sleep every night with a lump in their throat and live in constant fear with nobody in your corner. Believe me, I *know* what you're going through. You're almost through it though. You're at the end. You're about to reach the age of majority then you can leave.

  • I had a similar childhood until I finally escaped. Much like yours, my "stepdad" (for lack of a better term) was also a bully piece of s*** (ever since I was 5 - when they met). Starting when I was about 8-9, I used to lul myself to sleep at night with the soothing fantasy of murdering him in his sleep. I still want to kill him. Maybe one day, he'll say the wrong thing and I finally will. It's funny though, because I actually hate my mother more. Afterall, she's the one who completely betrayed me and spent years failing to protect me. The funny thing is, the worst day of my life was when I was informed that my mother was pregnant - with his child. To me this was confirmation that my mother's empty promises of ending the torment and leaving him would never happen. Fast forward 20 years later: My half brother and I are thick as thieves and he hates my step-father's other children as much as I do (there are 4 of them and they are all diabolical pathological liars). Anyway, I know this isn't about me. I just wanted to illustrate that you're not alone. Apparently scumbag step-fathers are so common that there is a named condition for when then abuse their step-kids (cinderella syndrome - wiki it). Sooner or later you'll get away. Then maybe when you're bigger and stronger than him, he'll give you the justification needed for you to beat him within an inch of his life. I still sometimes hold out hope that this happens with me.

  • I don't know what country your in but call the police , if you feel your life is in danger where is your mom ?

  • Kill him,than runaway.you are better off as somebody else,you hate him.he deserve's to die.

  • Killing him would mainly ruin your life. Then you would end up in prison and find out what real bullies are. At least this one will be out of your life in a few years. Just worry about school, do this best you can and then you will get out and get your own life when the time comes.

    By the way, as soon as you turn 18 you can do what you want and go live with your dad totally. Tell your mom you will visit with her when the bully is not around. Good Luck.

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