Scared of the future

Well, I'm in 15 and therefore obviously still in school (Year 10). Recently, I've had a few of my GCSEs and the rest will follow next year. But with this and the career counselling that you get in year 10, I've began to feel like life goes by really fast. Not only this, I also feel as if I haven't accomplished anything worth mentioning (although I get straight As in school, but so have thousands of other students over the years). Along with these thoughts I began to think how all of my good friends at the moment (about 6 of them..I dont have many friends) will probably not know me in 15 years and I'll be a lonely
man with nothing to be proud of and in general, I'm scared all of this. I've also sort of lost the ability to be happy because of this.

I had to get that off my chest, but I can't tell anyone I know as I'm sure that they would laugh.

Next Confession

I am depressed, sad, ** up, feel like **.

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  • Start getting fuckd then ul b ok

  • Honestly dude. High School dont meant **. once you are outta there, you are back to being a nobody. That and your life just ** started dude. Dont worry about it. Im 23 right now. I was always the awkward kid in school, i got pneumonia one time and missed 6 months. When I got back, no one knew i was even gone. At that point i said ** it and dropped out. 4-5 years later, i found out what i wanted to do, upgraded my highschool to get there and now im in my second year of college. Im not saying you should drop out by any means. If i hadn't i might of been farther than I am now, but i dont know that. Anyways point is. Your life is just starting and what you do in high school, probably wont mean ** in the future, the people you know in high school, will move on just like you, you will work or go to college, meet new friends. Friends come and go, but thats part of life. And finding out who you want to be and where you want to end up is also part of growing up. You have years ahead of you and you have no idea where you will end up. What you think you may want now, may not be what you want in the future. The future is not something to be feared, its something to look forward to. Its a Journey, and it wont end until you're dead. As long as you find something you want and work your ** ** of for it and, as stupid as this sounds, follow your heart, you can end up somewhere you wanna be someday. When, who knows, but if you work at it you will get there. As for not feeling like you've accomplished anything. Your 15, again your life hasnt even started. Dude my life hasnt even started yet, im still in college and 23. I get depressed too, but thats part of life, you gotta push through it and kick **. That is all you can do, if not, life will move on without you. So do your best man.

    Sorry for the bad spellng, grammar and haphazardness of this. I was writing it as it came to my head and between skype convos.

  • My brother died when he was 22 and I was 19. I was the only one in my family that could think straight in this situation. I told my parents, planned his funeral and handled all the details even though I was the youngest in my family.
    That's basically my way of saying don't sweat the future. Things will happen and you will find out who you really are and what you can be.
    If you want the future to be something great, then you have to see yourself having a great future and think about what you want. Beyond that, you have no way of knowing what it holds and life happens around those plans.

    But, if you learn who you are and recognize what you can do well and can handle as a person, then you have something that is steady in the uncertainty.

  • Dude first off, take a deep breath. Secondly stop worrying about all these things at your age. Straight A's? You ought to be ** proud of yourself. Yes, others do too but not the majority. Worry about NOW. Enjoy NOW. There will be plenty of time later to be depressed about things. ^ friends is more than I had at your age. Talk to a guidance counselor, believe me they won't laugh.

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