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To some people, this will be just a drop in the bucket of craziness, but I have to post this. It gets kind of gross later.

When I was a baby and in my mother's arms, my father punched my mother in the nose. Since then he has taken anger control classes and has gotten better. The reason of his anger issues are my grandmother treated him like an idiot and still does because of his decisions. He drinks, smokes cigs, and does marijuana, the same with my mother. My mother has numerous health problems. My parents take pleasures before what someone needs to live. For example, we are mostly dependent on my grandmother for food and money for cigs. It makes me feel guilty to say this, because my dad spends so much money to take me places because of my good grades. But we never have good food, my grandmother's cooking is horrible. It was always bad, but it got worse when mother lost her already horrible job and had to get an even less paying one. Around this time I was in 3rd grade. Now let's go back to 1st grade. My dad is taking me home from school and says you'll never see (insert father's friend's name here.) again. He explained that his friend killed had killed his mom. My dad, who is crazy, knows that this friend hates American flags, so what does he do? HE SEND CARDS WITH THE AMERICAN FLAG ON TO HIS FRIEND FOR EVERY HOLIDAY WITH NOTHING BUT HIS NAME ON IT. Then, one day, a card gets sent back, in the same format that it was in when it was sent. It said nothing, but you could feel the hatred. He played the insane card, when in fact he is not insane, and one. Now it is undetermined when he will get out. Let's go to the summer before 5th grade. I'm developing an obsession with Japanese culture and my parents are arguing about stupid stuff. I make a Facebook and try getting likes. Life is sweet. School starts, I make another page, keep in mind that I am lying about my age on Facebook and saying I'm 15, which now my Facebook age is really 16. On this new page, I start talking to a dude. He falls for me, still believing I'm 15, and like the dumb kid I was back then, tell him the city and state I live in. I loved talking to him, it was an escape from my anxiety problems. But I have to make sure that he never finds out what I look like, or my true age. But I wasn't thinking about that then, I was too happy. I'm a gifted child, so when I get a C in math I break down. Then my teacher throws up this BS about (insert classmate's name here) and I arguing to much. So then I strike back with you should be worrying about (insert bully's name here), not us. And so I'm even more stressed out. My parents are arguing so much that my mother moves to my aunt's. My homicidal hobo brother is there along with my aunt's mentally retarded husband. The Internet, Japanese culture, and books are my escape now. I'm no longer a happy person. Oh God. I'll have to post the side story with my aunt's and mother's and God... I digress. And between all this I'm starting to wonder about Christianity and how crazy religion is. We eventually move back to my dad's house. Winter is coming, just one month 'til summer, when I'll have to go through on Plan: Convince Internet Friend Not To Visit Me. So I do some crazy stuff and manage to buy time, 3 years, exactly. I have left Facebook forever. Now it's summer. This is gross part. I've always had digestive problems. But I handle most things on my own, (and I would handle food on my own if my parents would let me out of the house, or if I was old enough to get a job) so I did some research when I was feeling horrible, turns out I have upper digestive tract bleeding and IBS. Great. I can't wait 'til I'm old enough to get a job. My posture is also horrible, I'm getting chubby because we never have healthy food, and I'm eleven. This is just one of my pet peeves, but, children need to be treated like adults.

Jun 23, 2012

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  • I dont understand the point of this whole story

  • I read the first sentence only...stop all the is your plan: pick 3 things to do, do them, it?

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