It's just a little crush...

I have a crush on my hot new neighbor. For me, it was love at 1st sight. (I'm totally a believer in that.) I feel I could have a shot with him, but I need to find out for sure if he's completely single. Oh God, I hope he is...

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  • if you like him as much as you seem to (and you seem to like him a LOT), please don't let his relationship status get in the way. enjoy him. it could be the start of something wonderful.

  • Thanks. I appreciate you saying that. Hearing things like that will help me to work up the courage to get to know him better.

  • i've checked back here a few times to see how things were going for you and your hot crush, to see if maybe you'd hooked up and how it was going. i hope you have hooked up and that things are going hot and heavy.....but mostly hot. good luck with your new man!

  • Thanks so much! Unfortunately, I haven't seen him in a few weeks. I'll have to start going on more walks around town & look for more things to do outside the house as an excuse to see him & get to know him better. I would love to leave him a note, inviting him to stop by for a drink. I'm still trying to figure out if the guy's married, though. I will be sure to post any new, exciting updates, if there are any.

    Are you married or dating anyone? If yes, how did you meet your significant other?

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