My tragic story of me and my best friend

Hi so I am a girl just to let you know. In grade 7, I met the best friend I have always dreamed of. We had a closer bond than any of the other girls in my school. We said like, I love you, hugged, held hands and sometimes even kissed each other on the forehead. From time to time we would play imaginary games ( yes, I know we are a bit too old to play games like these but..) of being with our crushes when we were older. We would pretend to kiss by putting our hands over our mouths and straddle each other but nothing sexual. But then one day I think we took it too far. We were playing a game of being a 'Once Upon A Time Character' (a tv show we both like) and we would play each other's love interest. It got a bit too sexual for my liking. Her parents weren't home so then we would lie down on the bed straddle each other lie on top of each other and kiss each others necks. Then it happened. I was lying on top of her and kissing her neck when I felt her pelvis thrust onto mine. I ignored it but then I felt it again. I looked at her and she smiled and she thrust her pelvis up again and so I pushed my own to her and did it again. We found a rhythm and dry humped each other and she closed her eyes and started moaning. i did the same and started kissing her neck. She whispered faster in ear and so I did and we both climaxed and got into another position. She sat up and I sat on her lap facing her. We dry humped again. We did that three times until I had to go home. The next couple of weeks after that she would call me her wife. Then we played another game with a bunch of other games and she volunteer to be my lesbian wife. Next I started to have this weird feeling in me. I would get so jealous when she hung out with other girls instead of me. I would m********* to the memory of us dry humping. And I realized I was in love with her. After a month of being sexually and emotionally frustrated she pressured to tell her who my crush was and I did. Now, I walk around the school alone. I will forever be a closeted bi because now I know being who you are is wrong and you have to be straight. I lost my best friend because of my stupid feelings and I won't let that happen ever again. I confess this because I have told no one and it is eating me up inside. So please give me advice to help me move on. Don't call this because its not. I am starting to crush on a guy at school to help me move one. And the year school is almost over so yeah... that's my story of Grade 7. The tragic story of me and my best friend.

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  • Our situations are pretty similar except in my case I don’t have any romantic feelings for her except for sisterly love ( I am openly bi, she is straight) we still imagine our crushes while humping... I get super jealous when she tries to get more “time” with her crush and I don’t get enough attention from mine. Maybe I am just a little too self centred but I have no idea what this mix of feelings and emotions is. :(
    I know I don’t have any feelings for her I have tried to understand her in that context but with no romantic feelings came through. I think this is like a training camp for us for the future or something? I have no idea....

  • Same, I once slept over at my friends house, she had a little sister and first off we were playing barbies until 3 and then I went sexual and then I pretended I was having s** with her but then she grabbed my butt to pull my private closer to her vigina and I liked it. I never done it before and then she fell backwards and I climbed over her and then hump her with my legs putting all my pressure on her and she was breathing hard. We done it until 5. The next time I did her friend was there, her friend started grabbing my v***** and I grabbed hers and there was us. Three of us almost naked. I lowkey miss that. No one knows that yet

  • There's is nothing wrong with being bisexual. I think as long as u are happy and accept urself. That's all that matters, don't listen to what other people think of you. I'm sorry you lost your bestfriend but it was her fault for not accepting you for who you are. But you guys were a young age. So it's normal to feel the way you two did.

  • I had a similar experience with my best friend, we never spoke about what we were doing and we were also in relationships with guys during this. We aren't close anymore but this isn't what broke our relationship. I'm not sure if I'm bisexual but I understand what you went through.

  • That's so sweet I'm not bi but I respect both gay and bi everything I'm sorry that's how you lost your friend if I was her I would be ok with it I wouldn't stop being your friend I'm so sorry

  • Most young girl's first kiss and sexual experience near 14-16 is with her best friend. This is totally normal. Does not make you a lesbian, makes you curious and seeking a "safe" place to explore. Relax and ask yourself, was it fun? Did it feel good? Do you like your friend (not love, but like). Would you tell her a secret? if yes, then you are fine.

  • Hello. Well, I hope u get to read this. Be who you are. Don't even think about putting yourself in a closet. You found out who you are that is a great thing. And u want to know something ? Your friend is bi too. This is why she got scared. She's just not mature enough to see it.

    I have always been straight, but as the model I am, I started seeing models who look just like any woman, just prettier than most of the real women models. And they were modeling as women, because they pass as women better and prettier than the real ones... So, of course I started liking them. Always keep an open mind and realize that in your case you might have fallen in love with the person, not with her gender. I hope this helps you in some way

  • IS T)(AT TAVROS I S-E-E? 380

  • Be who you are and enjoy it. be proud and be happy

  • well i think u should just enjoy the feeling u two had and btw as u are writing she started calling u her wife and stuff.
    dont feel ashamed girl just live ur life cuz u only live once ^^

  • I am a straight male but can tell you that there are a lot more bi girls then people think.The female form is beautiful.Females are generally more gentle,compassionate and caring then males so why not have the best of both worlds.

  • AMEN


  • Wtf rude much she is trying to gain advice and you're being a douche

  • I agree with da first commentary and the third commentary on this.... As an 14 year old bisexual athiast i believe that bein bi or lesbian or gay or any sexual oriantation is an Amazing thng..... U shouldnt be ashamed of it.... U should be proud of it!!!!! If u like other woman, u shouldnt let others own ur life!!! Ust be u n live life, haterz will be haterz.... It only meanz theyre jeoulous

  • When you're older, you will learn that being female and bi is a gift. Enjoy life, don't deny who you are.

  • Pictures or it didn't happen.

  • You're stupid. Do you take pictures of everything you do? No I didn't think so. Stop fantasizing about little girls and go get a life you perv. -_-

  • It is no big deal being bi is not wrong just means your interested in both sexes I'm a girl btw and 23 and yes I am bi and I actually had something along those lines happen to me, only it was the other way around for me, I rejected her because I was scared and young and thought it was wrong but its not and if you don't be who you are no matter what then Hun I'm sorry but your never be happy I wish you the best of luck

  • Your response is similar to an experience I had...May I ask when you wrote this?

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