I don't have a problem with this for some reason

I don't understand why, but it seems like the universe is putting me through a slow torture. I watch something called a livestream, which is pretty much a bunch of idiot's playing games until they go to sleep. I have enjoyed this for a while. I watch three, but the only one important here is the Cryaotic stream. (Note, I will only be using codenames.)

In said stream, I have been mentioned many times, making me feel awesome. Cry is one of the most highly respected youtubers out there. But the others that do the stream with him are just as cool. I have taken a particular liking to Battlestar, and a few streams ago he said, away from the microphone, that he said he thought I was cute. My sister heard it, and Cry commented afterwards. I thought it was creepy at first but since then it has been bought up several times in the stream, and I can't help but think it would be awesome if I got to date Bstar.

On the livestream that went on two days ago, Battlestar asked where I was to my older sister. At the time, I was playing a game in my parent's room, but had fallen asleep during. I didn't attend the stream, because I had been treated rather poorly in the one before it. But I know I will on the next one, considering there is nothing for me to do on Sunday's. I would like some advice of what I'm meant to do because my mother won't allow me to have a boyfriend anywhere but over the internet.

Jun 25, 2012

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