Boyfriend Thief?

Sooo, I don't know WHY but I've always been a boyfriend thief. And for the most part it's been unintentional. For instance they failed to tell me they had girlfriends or something similar. Almost every boyfriend I've ever had was either with a girl when I met them, or talking to another girl when I met them. Because of this, I don't have too many female friends. Which is pretty lame because for the most part it hasn't been my fault.

HOWEVER, my most recent act of boyfriend thievery was for the best. This time I knew of a girl. But in my defense, she was a total b**** and didn't deserve him. She treated him like crap and then begged him not to leave her, even threatened her life and refused break-ups. Ridiculous s***. She's a certified psycho b****, the kind every guy fears of ending up with. Seems nice and innocent at first, turns out to be bat-s*** crazy and obsessive.

Anyway, when I met him it was through a mutual friend. We started talking and had a lot in common. TECHNICALLY at this point they were neither broken up nor together. Kind of in-between but according to her they were still 'serious'. However, due to the fact she's a f****** psycho I think it was more of a one-way-street if you catch my drift. Regardless of the situation, we kept in touch and within days I got the feeling he was really interested in me. I mostly found out from hear-say type s*** from our mutual friend who told me he liked me and had told psycho b**** he was interested in another girl. (me) She went insane of course, but he continued to talk to me and hang out with me anyway.

We ended up hooking up one night and he started showing up on a daily basis and then told the girl it was over completely, there was nothing left and he wanted to be with me. He asked her nicely to respect that and she basically replied with "f*** you, I hate you". We've now been together for over a year, we're engaged and happier than ever.

The downside to being a notorious (accidental) boyfriend thief? She dug up as much "dirt" on me as she could and brought back some psycho guys in my life to nag and stalk me just to be a b****. All the while messaging my now fiance on facebook with at least 20 different fake profiles begging him to leave me and be with her. Like really f****** pathetically. She's showed up random places where we go sometimes just to spy on us. She even took pictures of us holding hands and posted it on her facebook as "ex-d******* and his new S***!". Hilarious how he's such a 'd*******' yet she's stalking him and begging him to come back. Haha, anyway.. I'm not a s*** or a b****. I never MEANT to take anyone from anybody. (except this time) And only because he's a catch, and deserved to be treated as such!

The main reason I'm posting this is because NOW, even after a f****** year, the psycho c*** STILL refuses to give up and has made numerous pages dedicated to me and how I'm a w****. I've only actually slept with three men in my life and I'm 23. I hardly think that counts as a s*** considering I was serious with all three men. I'm not really sure how to go about getting these pages removed. It's not that they bother me, it's more like I know it would p*** her off to no end if they disappeared and at this point I want nothing more than to p*** her off and erase her from our lives. We're going to be married in two months and I want to have a pleasant newly-wed experience with the love of my life, WITHOUT having to look over my shoulder for psycho b****. What the f*** am I supposed to do?! We've already tried the police and they didn't think it was 'serious' enough at this point. I think they're crazy of course. I showed them the photos, the pages, and told them how she follows us in public and they don't seem concerned. I guess they're waiting for the day she shows up with a f****** knife.

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  • So here is what I don't get from all the jerks and b****** around the world. Why the f*** you talk to somebody who is in relationship and ruin your life and other peoples too. Stop with the nonsense that she doesn't deserve him and all of these things. If your fiance or BF is a MAN he would have left her and not brought this on himself. Always don't forget this, KARMA is a b**** and will get you one day..!!


  • LOL Well, she *the ex* was treating him like s*** and then proceeded to stalk him afterwards sounds to me like he got a better deal with the girl who posted this? Besides she stated early on that the other guys didn't mention girlfriends or anyone else in their personal life and since the girl who wrote this is most likely NOT a psychic I'm assuming it wasn't her fault. I agree with the other comment below this one you seem really bitter. Maybe figure out how to treat a man and you'll keep one.

  • wow a little harsh there don't ya think? it;s not like she meant to steal the others...just the last one XD. and i bet the other girl really didn't deserve him. you sound like one of the b****** thats f****** insane and got her man stolen XD if so, you brought it upon yourself XD!

  • I didn't read past the first few sentences...sounds like you are not trusted enough to have any friends.

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