Almost made it

I was on a road trip and had gotten about 5 hours in. We had stopped for lunch aboit 30 minutes before and I had consumed far too much liquid and was quickly needing to pee. I tried everything I could to slow the situation but within 5 minutes I was getting worried.
I finally got to a point that I asked if we could stop and my mom said we just had lunch and to wait...I told her I count wait and she looked back in the mirror and saw my face and said ok hold on. We moved across lanes and every second I was getting closer to having an accident. By the time we reached an exit I was shaking and telling my mom to hurry. We pulled into a smiths and I jumped out. I could barely walk and when I got inside I couldn't find the bathrooms. I asked an employee who told me the bathrooms were on the far side of the store. As I approached the door I started to pee a little. I swung open the door and 3 stalls were occupied..I held on for dear life and finally heard a flush..that was it and I started peeing. By the time I got into the stall I was wetting my pants and once the door was locked I was standing in a puddle. It happened so so fast. I did my best to clean up but there is not much to do for absolutely peed pants. I sat for a long time until my mom came in and realized my situation. She walked out with me and got a towel on the back seat. So many people saw that I had peed my pants.. so embarrasing.

Jul 23

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  • That's why our whole family wear diapers

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