I know Tammy from the trailer park in Kirksville where go to buy the s*** I pass by her trailer all the time get my s***. My boy D f****** her and that m*********** married but Tammy does not care d*** is a d*** to her and I try to get with her to get some of that fat ass p**** but she turns me down f****** b**** now! Tammy is an ugly dogface gremlin! My goal is to f*** with her always now! I've been trying to f*** with Tammy to get her p***** off! I f*** with her van and cut up her f****** pool but the b**** didn't get mad! Tammy is a fat white trailer park w**** went to player went to p***. That b**** got house n***** now! That n***** do anything she wants to anytime! She got that's n***** trained! Tammy also has more n***** but are all Africans n*****. That b**** goes to the bar all the time to talk nothing but Africa's I was there. Now I understand why Tammy stays a fat b****! I've been trying to get Tammy to p*** off with f****** vandalizing her trailer basically with her porch mostly the first time I put sugar and Pepsi all over the porch but it was raining that day and night a wash most away. In the second time, I try it again using morphe water base and I'll put it all over her porch I didn't do anything I threw a metal trash can and her f****** pool! This didn't get p***** off f*** and this time it snowed and then I waited this time I saw Tammy n***** boy cleaning shoveling the snow off her driveway and front porch and sidewalk like a good house n***** early in the morning and I waited until he got done then waited until he left and I ran over only thing I had on me it was some Grease and I greased up her porch stairs and rails that b**** will fall! It will be so f****** funny! I'm waiting for her to come home and see that fat b**** drop on her fat face! I wish I had recorded that moment saw her falling was so f****** funny seeing plunge to stairs like a whale at SeaWorld falling on the ground! The only thing is missed a big splash of water! I swear! I felt a ground shake! I bet she said that n*****! That f****** n***** did it! Now I will sit back and watch the show with Tammy go crazy b**** on that n*****! F*** you, Tammy,

Dec 22, 2019

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  • Teenage girls who thrive on drama need to be slapped until they shut up.
    Grown-ass women who behave like teenage girls need their ovaries and wombs removed, then slapped until the stupidity leaks out of their ears!

  • I need to meet this Tammy!

  • Just hang out by the bus stop in front of Wal-Mart. She'll be by.

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