Friends with Benefits

I'm a sixteen year old female virgin, and have been in love with my eighteen year old best friend for three years. We're both virgins, only recently he confessed he wanted to have s** with me last year when we were in a relationship but he was too scared of pressuring me.

On Saturday he and I both had a little too much to drink, and I ended up making out with one of my distant female, bi friends and I'm not bi. My best friend, let's call him Tony Stark (c;) sat there and watched us make out, and I loved making out with this girl, because I knew it was turning him on.

That night I let him feel me up, and we made out and I covered his neck in love bites. The next morning we were both so tired and could barely remember the night before.

I asked to go around to his place and sleep for a while, as I couldn't sleep at my friend's house as she was going to work. I went to his house and it was awkward as we'd just remembered the night before.

We watched Iron Man 2 before I fell asleep. When I woke up, I immediately started kissing him and he pulled my leg up around his waist and I could feel him through his jeans.

He fingered me for the first time and I wanted to give him head, but when I went to, his phone went off and it was funny but awkward, as his ring tone is the "FUS RO DAH!" battle cry and it was really weird.

I want to be in a relationship with Tony Stark, and think we would have f****** amazing s**, and that's what we both want, but I'm afraid I'm just gonna be used, despite me being totally in love with him. We're both still single, and he always has excuses why we can't be together. I just want us to be able to fool around with some sort of dedication to the other.

Am I being too clingy and attached, or do I deserve to have a relationship with this guy? Am I just overreacting?

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  • he basically wants to be Friends With Benefits hun.

  • and just friends with benefits.... nothing more... sorry

  • You're not overreacting. You deserve to be in a relationship with a guy that likes you and wants to be with you. Your friend has already given you the answer, you just don't want to accept it. Instead of the excuses he gives, ask him directly what his reasons are. It may help you to move forward with this. And after he tells you, respect his answer.

    Since you are both virgins, as much as you want to have s** with him..don't engage in an only sexual relationship with this guy. It will destroy your friendship and cause you heartbreak. You're already emotionally attached. You'll always want more.

    You're 16 and he's maybe he's going off to college in the fall. If he gives you the truthful answer, it may be good to have some time away from one another. You can get over him and find someone else to set your sights on. And then your friendship can go back to being platonic.

  • Hey, thanks for that.
    I live in Australia, and at the moment, it's not even possible for him to go to University as he's just out of school and didn't graduate with an OP (what allows us to go to Uni after school). He plans to travel next year, and so do I, but we're touring different places.

    His excuses are valid and always rational, like his friends hate me, and as he doesn't want to lose his friends, he won't date me, though he tells me almost every day that he wish he could change that. The "Bros before Hoes" rule.

    Thanks for the comment, you really helped :)

    - Harley.

  • h*** ya! let him f*** you

  • Stop being a d*** tease! What are you waiting for?

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