My one true love now married

I met my best friend in the 4th grade. He moved to my elementary school and we became very close very fast. We 'went out' in 5th - 8th grades. We broke up after that and i started dating an older guy who took my virginity. I regret that decision to this day. I began dating my best friend again, my junior year, we will call him Cole. I was beyond overjoyed when we started dating, i wasn't sure if we would ever get back together again. We had s**, i took his virginity, and i wish that we would have lost it with each other. While we were together we talked about marriage and were very serious together. The downfall = he was Hmong and i was White. Because of this his parents told him they would never allow him to marry me. We struggled for a long long long time with this. After a while he told me that he wanted to follow his heart and that his parents would have to accept his decision to be with me. A couple years passed and he decided that he couldn't go through with it, he said he had to respect his parents decision. After we broke up because of that he started dating a Hmong girl that his parents accepted. Not even 6 months after they started dating they got married. I am still to this day heartbroken beyond belief. I am dating someone else but i literally dream about Cole between 4-6 nights/ week. I don't think i will EVER EVER get over Cole. It's been about 3 years since we broke up and about 1 year since he got married. I can't believe that this is my life.......:( :( :( :(

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