Is it cheating?

I am 14, and me and this boy I have dated all through elementary and we broke up in fifth and we after recently in 8th grade, well, we started "talking" again in seventh(we were bestfriends up until now)and he asked me out every single day and I wanted him to ask me in person and when he did I said yes and he broke up with me after a day. I was devastated. Now, after not talking for a while he asks me out during the summer (and after the last breakup I told myself I wouldn't give him more chances until highschool, but you know it's really hard to let someone go who you dated for four years and had your first kiss with.) well I said no because I thought it was the best for me, then after that I feel Madly in love with him again and we started "talking" (means you're not dating yet but you text and act like it, also I will not say yes to a guy unless he asks me in person) and when we were "talking" he asked me out over text and I just told him to ask me in person and he said he will the next time he sees me, and while we were in the mitts of almost dating, I find out he started dating a girl from our rival town while we were talking.. I legitimately cried for hours cause I thought he changed. I told my self that I would never give him a chance again,but a voice in my head said I couldn't and to just wait till highschool cause it's hard to let go of someone you have so many memories with. but me and him were bestfriends and now we are don't talk, I never told his girlfriend that we were talking, I felt it would be wrong. Should I? And is this cheating? Should I forgive him and give him another chance? Or should I not forgive him? And did I make a mistake not saying yes to him over text? (I regret not saying yes over text because if I did we would be together but he could have dumped me for her which could have hurt more.) when my friend confront him about he laughs and says 'I don't care' , I don't know what to do ??

Nov 27, 2013

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  • I believe you just need to move on it sound's to me that he is just playing you don't be fooled into something you just may end up regretting later.
    You are very young and there is plenty of time in your life to find real love the first thing you need to find in love is a deep respect for one another and treat one another with equal respect doesn't sound to me he has any respect for you.
    But he may be to young to comprehend what respect is and what it mean's to have respect for a relationship because respect not only need' to learned it has to taught maybe a little more respect for your self won't hurt either.

  • Find another guy... You will grow out of them really. You're young, no need to put so much energy into one guy who is too young to know what he wants yet...

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