Afraid Domineering Girlfriend Is Trying To Turn Me Into A Male Prostitute

I never should have gotten involved with, I'll call her Mistress, who takes a mean pleasure in dominating and humiliating me.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not p****. I have a job where I am a big deal supervisor over many retail stores. When I walk into a store the employees s*** their pants because they know one word from me and they will lose their jobs. I'm also call the axeman because I have gotten a lot of lazy bastards fired, and rightfully so.

But getting back to Mistress. I have an awful weakness. I love to be dominated and humiliated by women. Nobody would ever know this to look at me, an ex college football player who is still a big, well muscled guy. Yet, when a woman takes control it melts me and I do what she says.

Mistress is a bit of a b**** though, and I would never dare to say that to her face. She has an overweight obnoxious girlfriend I despise. I told mistress about how I hated her girlfriend and I got punished. She made me wait on her girlfriend in tight underpants that displayed my bulge too much. I was so embarrassed and p***** inside. I dared not show how mad I was because mistress would have punished me more.

The girlfriend kept making remarks about my "package" as she called it and asked mistress if she could see it. I made the mistake of saying no way and mistress told me to lay over her knees and she paddled me until my ass was red and I had tears in my eyes. She then yanked my underwear off and made me stand in front of her girlfriend and let her girlfriend do whatever she wanted with me.

At that point I was too humiliated and dominated to be mad or protest. I gave in and let mistress' friend do anything she wanted, including sticking her finger up my ass and laughing when I got an erection. The night ended with both women f****** me in the ass with a strap on. Though I hated it my body enjoyed it because of the domination and humiliation. Now mistress says she is going to rent me out to her obnoxious girlfriend to use and abuse me. I don't want that, but I will do it if mistress orders me too.

I know. I'm a sick b****** and I have to get myself out of this before mistress pimps me out and turns me into a part time male prostitute. I hate and love that domineering b****.


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  • That is megan and hairy monster. a hook up who hooks up with other hook ups. probably all f****** each other. god i hate doria so much though. she is so ugly and what a disgusting betrayal of the royal family of uk to do to their own native persons in uk hey! all they want to do is love the niggs. I see harry living abroad in years to come and nothing would make me laugh more then to see all this current royal family get debunked and kicked out for a new one. I wonder if the mogals of the world could pull that off. who would it go to the kent lot if the queen abdocated for crimes against humanity or sins she committed? cuz they deserve to go. I just do not take to those 2 guys william and harry anymore and charles, well diana said his mother said he was useless. so maybe its time they all went for the kents. love to see that just for the media frenzy. and to see them all kicked up the batoozi as well. someone too boo-bomb them and let me watch them fall like domino for some fun. seeing they ruined my life and others. pay day has to come back !

  • This is hot so your into s&m very hot try having some kind of code or something when you feel its gone too far so she knows to stop, other wise don't complain you know you like it,

  • I don't care how abusive she is to you, you don't hit a woman, okay? Just flat out tell her that you won't do this any more, and if she tries to punish you, then grab her by the wrists, and say it again. If she still says no, push her down to remind her that you're much stronger then she is. If she's still crazy enough to say against it stopping, call the police. But whatever you do, do not hit her. Just firmly remind her that you are a human being, not a sexbot.
    Hope this helps your situation :)

  • I'm in a similar position except that my mistress has boyfriends and I must do whatever I'm ordered to do including giving them oral (I'm not gay) and licking mistress clean after she's had s**, she makes me w*** off before so I don't enjoy it so much. She loves to p*** in a glass and make me drink it in front of her boyfriends. The difference is I love it

  • Punch her in the t*** and kick her in the p****.

  • I am an expert in getting on this site her phone number, address, place of work, and email...I will do the rest.

  • Grow some b**** and kick her ass.

  • This is one relationship that should be gotte rid of. A good Dom with always take the Sub's wants and needs into consideration before doing anything. She is not really dominating you, as she is humiliating you. You need to tell her to take a hike, and find a responsible Dom.

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