A formal mistress

I am an accomplished professional. I can support myself quite well. However I'm a woman, and being a woman I am under the power of a man. I don[t pay rent, or have a car payment. I have an allowance for daily expenses, currently five thousand a week. I can't spend it. 100% of my salary goes into savings, he invests for me and I have over 500 thousand in my portfolio.

I'm 29.

I entertain in my home, or rather in the apartment he keeps me in. I use to think mistresses were whores. I'm not a w****, I'm a mistress. A mistress is like a junior wife. His formal wife is number one, the mistress is number two. I'm number two. I have duties, it's not without duties. I relieve his wife, she will tell you that s** at her age can and is a burden. As the mistress that's one of my duties. S**.

As a matter of fact, when I was seeing him on the side his wife insisted he either formalize me as his mistress or let me go. If he let me go he was stupid. That's when the agreement was drawn up, for my protection. It's like a prenup, with guarantees of support. She hired the lawyer and she made him sign it. Or he had to let me go.

As the junior wife I pay attention to my duties and stay in the background. However his wife took me to a theatre show and introduced me to her friend as his 'young wife'. My look brought this comment 'you are and don't think otherwise'. That was five years ago when she had him sign my support agreement.

Apr 19

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  • I pity you. Maybe one day you'll realize the price.

  • My wife had a hysterectomy at age 40, (Cancer) which ended her desire for s**. After a decade of a sexless marriage, I was ready to leave her, didn't want to, didn't want to cheat.
    So, she hired a live in helper, and she is in our spare room, when in the mood I join her there, then go sleep with my wife.

    The woman is in college, we pay all of her bills, plus she has a car we supply, a nice Camaro.

    Odd relationship, I know, but we all get along fine and the girl does not even date, at least not yet. Someday it will end I know, but for now it works out just fine.

  • Wow what a loving wife. Your a lucky man

  • As an Englishman with roots in Devon, I've never felt so free as when I accidently put on my wife's dress, mistaking it for my night gown. I was going to the local mosque to inquire about their strange ideas about female dress codes and public drinking. I'm quite tired myself of seeing all the women in my town dress likes prostitutes. And I believe that drinking is a habit best done indoors, every Tuesday night and just before Lent.

  • How old is he?

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