Mistress Starts Pimping me

My Mistress has me wrapped around her finger, I gave her lots of money (thousands at a time) and she told me to be a good slave and buy furniture for her house also for her girlfriends too.
I'm a straight guy and just reciently lost my job and I told Mistress that, so she came over to my place and had me make her a nice dinner, then after she took a lot of pictures of my body and told me that shes going to make me earn money for her now. Im not gay but I don't want to displease my Mistress!

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  • Know the feeling. I was messing around with a smoking hot, latino nurse woman, who, after awhile, learned her power over me. Knew I was married (didn't care), and used her sexuality and f****** ability to get me to do things for her, no matter what else I was doing at the time. I did pay her rent one month, paid half for a new clothes dryer, and, as I have a thing/fetish for long, polished nails, let her do mine. She knew I couldn't say no to her, for anything. Even called me to change a tire for her at 2:00am. I did it.

  • You are living your dream, aren't you?

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