England Is Ill

Born and raised in England, never lived anywhere else, left 2 years ago to live in the country my parents are from (I have dual nationality), came back to visit friends. Have been here 2 weeks now, and I've already been racially abused, accosted on the street by someone with mental health issues, witnessed a bust up on the bus (I promised myself I'd stay away from public transport) and helped an old lady who had been mugged by a bunch of lads (all white English, before the racists pipe up) and left lying on the street. The old lady's doing okay, thankfully. She's resting up in hospital. They dumped her bag in a nearby park.

I'm booked to leave here in 2 weeks, but I'm trying to get my tickets changed somehow. Can't be here anymore. I don't know how I lasted so long in this place. It's filled to the brim with dispair, sadness and illness. England is seriously ill. But that's what you get when a country is built on pure poison. No wonder my mental health suffered. There's no way anyone can be well here. It's honestly like Victorian era England when you look in. Even the billionaires who by up all the properties to hide their cash don't live here. It's just a dumping ground for all their illegal dealings.

Where I am now isn't paradise but compared to England, it's damn near perfect. Yeah, there are problems, but they seem to be normal problems. Problems that better political parties, better voting, increased wealth, less raw goods export and consumer goods import etc can fix. Not "ill" and definitely not sinking. And then the uneducated f**** voted for Brexit. Ha! How? Why?

I never felt English (the racists saw to that) and I'm grateful for that, because I have absolutely no allegiance to the country of my birth. It's just where I was popped out. Not feeling accepted and then not wanting to be meant I was free to look elsewhere to call home. No allegiance, don't care what happens to the place - because we've been told we "ain't engerlish". But honestly, who would want to be. They're all ill, fat, sickly looking, severly depressed, and evil. Mutations of life. Blaming everyone and everything - "b***** immigrants", "b***** asians/P***s", "b***** blacks", "b***** polish", b***** muslims", "b***** leftists/snowflakes/sheep/libtards blah blah". Pathetic.

Centuries and centuries of evil show on their faces. Need to get out of here asap. F*** this s***.

*vent over*

Nov 8

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  • I actually totally get this and I'm glad you saw sense and left. I don't have anywhere else to go sadly and no other nationality but I always wonder why people always fight so hard to stay in a country that doesn't want them. Why would anyone stay anywhere they are not wanted, or being abused or stay where they experience racism or xenophobia. Unless you come from a war torn country - a country usually torn apart by western countries for example - why would anyone stay? It's like staying in an abusive relationship.

    H***, I'm not even experiencing what you or others have experienced. Where I'm from/live, I will never experience that. But I also want to leave just because it's s***. Ha. Plain and simple. We're human. We move. FFS if somewhere is no longer making us happy, we should really get going.

    I wish you all the best and I'm sure you can visit England whenever you want and just experience the fun tourist side. You already know what it's really like so you know you won't be missing out.

  • You sound ungrateful for all the opportunities provided to you by a western democracy that protects civil and political freedoms.

  • Weird. That's like telling someone who is trying to leave a relationship where they are being physically, menatlly and emotionally abused by their significant other "you sound ungrateful for all the opportunities and freedoms your partner has provided you". Interesting. Only an abuser would think like this. Yes, racists are abusers too. Go figure.

  • Someone can be grateful and still know it is stupid to stay in an environment that is damaging to their health. Think for yourself rather than regurgitating political media tripe. Yikes. What happened to all the intelligent and independent thinkers?

  • Racist. Lol. No, but YOU sound as though you view anyone who speaks ill of England as not being grateful. Odd. You also assume they're not from a western democratic nation originally (could be from Poland, Argentina, or the US; all western by definition and basic geography, are they not?) just because they don't like England.

    Note: Their grievance is with England, not Scotland, or Wales, or Ireland, which are all as equally democratic than England. Strange, isn't it?

    Just by the verbiage used, it's evident that they just don't like England, and seem to be ok with other countries.

  • All parts of the UK (including England) enjoy greater human rights, civil liberties and political freedoms that all East European countries and all Eastern Countries. England is lest corrupt and less racist than those countries too. Also more economically prosperous.

  • I am sure we will all cope with you!
    Goodbye and good riddance!

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