Are we dating or what?

The first 3 weeks we connected with such chemistry. After that u act like im a burden to u when i come over. Your grandmother likes me and so does ur mom what's ur problem? They say im better than ur last boyfriend and so does ur friends and even ur neighbors. Incase ur wondering what brought this about let's take a look.

1. U asked me did i know how to put password protect on ur phone.
2. You give me that "let's get this over with" look when i come over but when your "friend" aaron calls ur face lights up like a light bulb.
3. When aaron does text u, u text him all the time we're watching movies, talking, out at places, and everywhere in between.
4. The only time u act like the way u did when we met is when u want to have s** with me.
5. U want both of us to have 1 "freebie" to f*** anyone else when we want.

Now i know that from what i've listed alot of guys would want a girl like that. BUT IM NOT LIKE OTHER GUYS i didnt date u to just f*** u, i wanted to BE WITH you. And the more you tell me about aaron the more i want to stomp him face in. Yea i know u 2 have been friends for a long time but if this guy didnt live 2 states away i'd swear u 2 were f******. Idk maybe it's me. I mean i dated u because we have sooooooo much in common but maybe it's what we dont have in common that i should have been worried about..


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  • Uh my advise just end it if its getting this bad if she keeps acting like this she's not worth it

  • Are you just venting?
    Or are you waiting for a help response from us?

    She doesn't sound totally interested in you man. She's just looking for a bit of fun, nothing too serious by the sounds of things.

    I don't understand why you can't just talk to the girl about how you feel.
    People with lack of communication these days..Gosh, so annoyin'
    Get off this site and ask her yourself.

  • Don't b a j*** he's asking 4 help >:P

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