We knew of each other in highschool and kinda talked but not a lot.. A simple hello in the halls. I was the unpopular nerd, you weren't as popular either but you had more friends than I did and u followed the crowd trying your best to fit in. You based your thoughts of me from what others said but hey that's the teenage mindset right? We got our yearbooks about a month and a half before we graduated and gave your parting message and ur number.

I called you about a week later (lol). What started out as a just saying hi call turned into us talking for over 2 hours talking about everything (and I do mean everything) just finding out about this other person who we've been saying hi to for the past 4 years..You genuinely said that you've learned so much about me ( I said like wise) and that we should talk again sometime. Somewhere between then and the next week I called you, things went back to you just seeing me as the unpopular nerd. You told me you couldn't talk and hung up with in 5 seconds and it's not like any of my calls to you after that were any different.

I always wondered.. What happened? Did knowing that this nerdy guy was actually interesting and more than what ppl thought conflicting with what you already thought of me? That was some time ago.. But to this day it still crosses my mind from time to time

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  • Good luck in finding live

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