Am I paranoid of her best friend??

I've been dating her for about a month and you wouldnt believe how much we have in common and how much we act and think alike. She has a male best friend that she's known since elementary school. I'm not the jealous type but when she talks and texts him ALL THE TIME it makes me wonder..She's told me about her past boyfriends and well...she likes s**...alot..

She talks her phone wherever she goes even in the house so I really can't help but be paranoid. It's gotten to the point where i dont even like the guy anymore..i havent even met the guy yet.. Is there something wrong with me??

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  • Read up on Borderline Personality Disorder.
    The red flags are flying my friend..

  • This girl seems like to play games.
    Being goods and kind to different guys,then all the male friend that she has thought they were her best male friend.But in fact,this girl do not want anyone to be her BF.

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