I shouldn't but i want a baby

I have known this guy since i was really little and he was close to my family to where everyone saw him as my brother. but i didn't. i lost my virginity to him when i was 12 and we were just very low key friends with benefits for about four years before we got into a actually relationship. we were together for about six months before we broke up, i got on birth control but before it was effective we had s** and he cumed in me. this was four months ago and i never got a period all the symptoms of pregnancy but i never took a test. and he is with another girl now. I'm 17 and he is 20. he caught on because he knew i was getting sick all the time and i was gaining weight he wanted me to have an abortion, i considered it but i just couldn't bring my self to do it. now if i am pregnant i would be 15weeks. i am actually excited i think. i want to have a baby. i want this baby. I am so so scared to take a test to find out for sure because i don't want it to be negative then all these "signs and symptoms" are just in my head. I feel pregnant i know i am, but i think i want it so badly i expect a negative.

Jul 3, 2012

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  • Dont be selfish, take a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, you need medical attention; vitamins, tests.
    If youre not, dont get pregnant. I thought the same thing at your age, when I WAS pregnant with my son. I love my son, and I love his father, but I regret missing out on my youth, and you will too.

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