Why did i do that

Well i knew this guy since we were 8yrs old n we were best friends we would tell each other everything we grow up together n decided to go out hiding it from my parents. he was my frist bf my first kiss my frist person ive made out with n my frist love n the frist time ive had s** n weve been together every since....well when i was 15 i got pregnant with my first baby me n him panicked my parents didnt kno me n him were together still...out of fear i had an abortion n i regret it everyday. when i got my abortion it was a week before christmas because i couldnt bring myself to do it on christmas...after the abortion ive never been the same ive been more angry n hurt n my bf has still been there for me...ive also picked up and eatting disorder n many other things...now tht im 16 all i can think about is having a baby n im gettin so unpasent but its so hard for me to get pregnant so now im afeaid i cant get pregnant at all i know its stupid n i shouldnt want a baby right now but it just hurts from just giving up on my frist one just because i was scaried....i feel selfish

Jul 5, 2012

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  • You only want the new baby because you feel guilt about the abortion. Having a new baby will not absolve you and will just toss away the benefits that the abortion did bring you. You made a hard choice between the choice of your future and the choice of your unborn child's future. I'm not saying what you did is right or wrong but you did make the choice, so follow through with it and make your future the brightest it possibly can be. Your baby died for your future, so don't waste it by throwing it away on another.

  • I would focus on yourself right now, rather than on having a baby. A baby is a hugeee responsibility and you have to sacrifice a lot of your self. If you can, see a therapist or talk to someone who cares for you. Our society places a lot of shame and guilt on women who get abortions but it may have been the right choice for you then so try not to feel bad about it.

  • uhhhh....what? You not speak English?

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