This guy at the pool

I'm not sure if this is in the right category to start with but it was there closest. Anyways, I live in these apartments and they have a pool that . who lives in the apartments can use. I go to the pool almost everyday, and I see this guy. He said he's 16 and we'll call him Josh. I'm 13 and I know he's been checking me out ever since I started going to the pool. The pool is outside, but it's connected to the office and some bathrooms. I really want to make out with Josh in one of the bathrooms, but I have a few problems. 1) I don't know how to ask him 2) I don't know if we should go in the boys or girls 3) my sister and mom don't like him. Please leave any tips. Thanks!

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  • Ignore these ignornant fools who want you to become a w**** for no other reason than that it amuses them. If you want to be with the boy, want to kiss him, do that. Or not. But do NOT turn yourself into a s**-crazed s*** just because a bunch of Internet sickos say yeah, baby, go for it, oooh yes: please forgive them, for they TRULY know not what they do.

  • Are you all kidding me? She's 13!!

  • you might as well just become are crack w****'s only about 2 yrs down the road anyway for you

  • holy mother of christ how did you get to be so nasty?

  • Ask him if he'll put sunscreen on your back. And then, while he's doing that, say "When you're done with the back, will you do the front?"

  • Just smile at him every time he looks over at you, and I mean every time, and don't ever look away (this will be the hard part, but you can do it), that way he'll know you want to connect with him. But you should only do that when your mom and sister aren't with you, so they don't know you like him. Also, that way, he'll be comfortable to approach you and to be the one to come over to you and talk to you. If you can, get him to come out from the side and into the water with you, so you can move and talk to him in private if there are other people around to overhear what you tell him and what he tells you. He'll probably tell you he wants to make out, but if he doesn't, you can just direct the conversation around to kissing and if he likes it and if he's ever done that there at the pool and where did he go to do it, stuff like that. If he doesn't take the hints or you can't get him to ask you to go somewhere, just say that "I bet it would be fun to make out in those bathrooms, what about you?", and if he still does nothing, ask him to go check to see if there's anybody in the bathrooms and if not for him to stick his head out and motion for you to come in there or some other signal, maybe with the windows or the doors or something. If he's shy when you both get in there, you're just going to have to make the first move and grab him and start kissing him like you want to, and not letting him get away even if he tries (which he won't, trust me). By then it won't matter, because nobody will be around and you don't have to worry about getting seen. I think you're going to enjoy it and I think you're going to have a fun summer.

  • Why make it complicated? I was 16 just a few years ago. Just walk up, grab his hand and put it in your crotch. Ask him if he wants a little of this...he will figure it out. Always worked for me.

  • I like this approach, putting HIS hand in YOUR crotch and asking if he wants some. How could he possibly say no? How could ANY man?

  • you people are going to get this girl K-I-L-L-E-D. do you not understand how many ignorant, sick, perverted criminals inhabit this planet with us? do you not read the news? watch cnn? or msnbc? or the trailer-raised and magnificently-retarded nancy grace? the planet is flippin' crawling with twisted minds, and you fools are encouraging her to make herself into a huge slab of sexual bacon-bait?

    please dear.............don't listen to any of these morons, and do no put yourself in a position where you're alone with an older male - even one that's only a few years older - unless you are certain you are entirely in control of the situation. talk to the boy and let him see how sweet and smart you are, then make your decision about whether or not to date him. but while you're doing that, do not allow any of the advice or comments that appear here to enter your precious young mind. remember: if you put even a drop of toxic waste into a clean barrel of water, you've got a polluted barrel of water. stay classy.

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