My girlfriend kisses and makes out with everyone but me

I have been with this girl for over a year now and though I am deeply in love with her, and care for her and am there for her whenever she needs me, I think she has kept me around only to pay for her luxuries. And when I am distressed she simply ignores me. And she has made out with many of my friends while we were together and never with me! Sad.. huh? Exactly! I feel hate and anger and grief whenever I see her and think about her. And I think about her all the time. Only time I am at peace is when I sleep. I think I should sleep all the time. I want to move on but cant..... I am so smitten with her. O Lord please help me find peace and extinguish my jealousy. Hate and Jealousy makes me miserable... O God please please please.... make me free of hate and jealousy! And give me peace and calm!

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  • she is one sorry son of a gun.

  • heh i feel you totally here bro. Been going through the exact same thing...except for the make out with my friends part. Sucks big time...and she has the b**** to tell me she wish we were just friends. Its hard to move on but you gotta do it... recently bought myself a awesome honda cbr... she doesn't know yet... hehe f*** her stupid b****

  • gotdang man thats terrible! I thought I had it bad... you can do better than her i know you can... move on

  • She such a b**** and u can do better. Time heal all wounds just take step by step and day by day.

  • You have a reason to feel hate against her it's human to feel those emotions.
    But didn't you get a feeling something wasn't right when you never received love from her?
    You've been played a fool.
    Don't go crawling back to her, listen to the voice in your head or the feeling in your gut. She's not worth it.

  • call up her best girlfriend for a date....that will p*** her off...don't think kindness, think revenge

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