I know it's wrong, but frankly, I don't care.

I know it's wrong, I know it's ableist and deeply problematic in lots of ways... but I don't give a s***.

If you are a "system" or a "multiple", no, you are not some perfectly healthy and normative variation on human psychology. (And don't even f****** get me started if one of your "headmates" is a "fictive" or "otherkin" or some s*** like that.) You are not in a healthy mental state. You are one person. You can only be one person. And that person can only be a person. You are not an animal, you are not an elf or a fairy, you are not Iron Man or Doctor Who. (Seriously, do you f****** believe that just because you found a new thing you really like, that YOU ARE ONE OF THE CHARACTERS?)

You cannot, if you are a white American 20 year old college student, seriously believe that you are the reincarnation of a samurai from the 9th century (or something) or that you are actually a 56 year old black factory worker from London. It's clearly bullshit, and it's insulting to pretend that you know what those realities (for those things that are realities) are like.

You are f****** delusional. You need serious mental help. Or you need to grow the f*** up. Maybe both. And don't you dare tell me that I'm oppressing you when I say I won't call you Tony Stark. You are not f****** Tony Stark. Tony Stark IS NOT REAL. HE IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I am not oppressing you when I tell you that your phantom wing pain is not the same as the phantom pain that people who are actual amputees feel. YOU DO NOT HAVE WINGS. YOU NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL. YOU ARE NOT A FAIRY. FAIRIES ARE NOT REAL. You are one real person, who I will refer to as such.

I will not be the first person to mention or discuss multiples/systems/fictives/otherkin/headmates/whatever. I will keep my mouth shut until you bring it up. But if you ask my opinion, I will straight up tell you that you are delusional. You are clearly not living in reality.

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  • Da fuq?

  • Damn...you have strange friends.

  • You need more growing up to do..you are a lame.

  • I am Tony Stark...f*** off

  • Forgive me, please.....but are you talking to yourself? Because if so, I just thought you should know......WE CAN ALL HEAR YOU.

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