She spilt my coffee...what an ignorant cow! So I got up, punched her in the face and burned her with an entire pot of coffee --- and I MADE my f*****' kids watch! So what?

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  • Some people are mean. Don't argue. I know I can't.

  • Stupid post........but in case its real Come at me bro!

  • I can't tell if this is a complete lie, or you're just a pathetic excuse for human-life.

  • your a fuking retarded animal.....that is all b****. it will be the unmaking of you also motherfuker.

    p.s i hope you spill an angry body builders coffee or of an mma fighter and they f** your b**** ass up.

  • Just for spilling coffee? You must be locked up somewhere. You have no idea how much women have to suffer bringing people to this world

  • you idiot!!! your going to H***!! you scarred your kids for life you know that?!?!?! what an awesome role model and parent YOU are...dumb f***!
    I wonder will your kids act that way too and if they do i hope it's towards you.

  • Jr! I don't believe it, you beganning to sound more intelligent with your comments... guess my suave intelligent demeanor be rubbing of on you.. but you alright, just gotta work on the name calling

  • Thanks. I needed that.

    P.S. Bite the big one.

  • Damn As a women, im sure your much more of a coward than I am, obviously if you lay a hand on any women for any reason that makes YOU the cow. Remember WOMEN are the reason why your b**** ass was brought into this world, dont forget it.


  • I don't believe a word of your post. Did you play dungeons & dragons in high school ? Were you one of "those" kids ? I think it was the other way around, YOU got b**** slapped. A REAL man has no need to lay hands on a woman, you pathetic momma's boy.

  • Blah, blah, blah. Now STFU and go back to being your boyfriend's buttboy b****.

    Somebody slap this fool.

  • aayy is that you Jr? damn you slapping everbody on this f*****..LOL

  • Yes, it's me Jr. How you know???


  • poor sick person, probably end up in jail not far down de road.

  • STFU or I will slap your ass!

  • HAHAHA you the biggest joke I've read on here and what you talking about you ain't gonna slap nobody's ass..

  • Where you at, m*********? Come get some.

  • I think every woman should be beat. Them f****** c**** act like their s*** don't stink because they have a p****.

    That's the only thing that feels good on them....most of the time it's just b*******.


  • YOU SEXIST B******!!!!!!!!! We won't let you do with us as you please! Why? Because we are not your puppets and we are just as human as you! Where is your chivalry?! Never hit a lady, because said lady will hit back!

  • Suck my t***, Scumbag!

    Ms Liz

  • She probably deserved it! I would have then beat the kids in front of her and burnt them too!

  • Yeah just like you would deserve the same for making a silly ass comment like you did, peace out!

  • f*** yeah!

  • Troll

  • Sounds like you have a bad case of "Mad Cow disease" You really need some intense anger management counsling! or maybe you need to be put down...

  • Put down my d***, B****.

    P.S. You need to be b**** slapped.

  • LOL a very intelligent reply I'd expect from a child.

    P.S. You need to sit your ass down before you hurt yourself

  • Suck it, dickface.

  • Now why you wanna act like a child, all this name calling and s***... I noticed one thing about your comments you like to use the word D***, whats up with that can't get enough of it?

  • Um, is that your face or did your neck throw up?

    P.S. Kiss my ass!

  • What? boy you talking nonsense I'm beganning to think your just a 10 year old boy talking your smack on here, aayy put your daddy on! I need to talk to him about your disrespectful ass...

  • Just out of curiosity, are your parents siblings?

    P.S. Suck it, Fool.

  • Hey Jr, where your daddy at?

    Na h*** no, but the way you talking and the questions you asking make me believe that your parent got to be siblings!!

  • Yeah, yeah, keep talking, someday you might say something intelligent.

    P.S. Eat my shorts, Butt Boy.

  • I think you're onto something with the idea of putting him down...after all, we don't want to put the state to extra expense, and I think they serve coffee in prison, which, is just asking for trouble...

  • What a wonderful reply! A perfectly wonderful reply! I love it!

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