Love child

I just found out I was conceived as the
result of a fling my parents had while my
dad was engaged to someone else. Even more shocking, I also found out my mom's first choice was to have an abortion. She decided not to, didn't show up for the appointment (obviously) and ended up eloping with my dad after he called off his wedding and engagement to his fiance.
They've been divorced for almost fifteen years now and I found out while talking to my dad today. I can't believe she had the nerve to hide that from me, and it hurts.

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  • Pfft. You can't win with people.
    If you'd been told you were essentially a mistake, you'd be whining and "traumatized" over THAT.
    You were told as an adult who could (theoretically) handle that information. But that wasn't good enough.
    And people wonder why intelligent folk aren't more honest. Peasants look for reasons to whinge and be "offended."

  • Here is proof that "staying with a person because baby" doesn't work out. OP is petulant and whining and the parents ended up divorced anyway. So much for the "baby equals happy family" crap we're all force-fed!

  • shut the f*** up you whiner...she had you didn't she?

  • I totally f****** agree

  • Maybe she didn't know how to tell you and she just kept putting it off until she thought it was easier just to keep it from you?
    Can you talk to her about it and see what she has to say?

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