Weight gain

I have let myself get fat. Over about 20 years with my hubby, I have gained well over 200 pounds. He makes no pretense about feeding me too much food. We both love it. Along the way, Ive got high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. I take meds for all of them and quite frankly don't give a **. I eat as much as I can, what I want, and when i want it. And my hubby supports me. In fact he wants me fatter, and I have no problem with that. My last weigh in busted the scale at 330. I must be close to 375 by now :)

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  • Fat women are cute! Can't wait to marry a chubby chick and give her the greenlight to blimp into a 300+ porker.

  • How big are you now?

  • I'm the opposite with my wife. I've drawn lines down the bedroom door about 9 inches apart. I make her stand up against that door every night and if she gets out of that, I told her I'll kick her fuckking ar$e out of the house.

  • Oh, don't do that! She might "feint" from hunger. Or from fencing.

  • We seem a lot alike, both my hubby and I were slightly chubby when we got together but 10 years later he's a little bit fat but I'm nearing 600 pounds. I have diabetes, and high cholesterol too, but they're under control through meds, and frankly I don't care either. I know I'm supposed to care but I dont.

    You should be aware though. As you get bigger, and closer to my size a lot of things become more difficult to do. I'm basically home bound now and my hubby has to help me dress and bathe and I feel like I've become a burden on him.

  • That’s my dream tbh, I’m sorry you feel like a burden but, that’s a lot of people’s fantasy too. Thank you for sharing

  • My wife wants to become morbidly obese as well. She's only 170pounds right now but has toldmeshe wants to weigh at least 500 pounds. When I've tried to discuss the health problems that may come from her intentionally getting that fat she shrugs it off as "worth it"

    I won't lie, I am concerned for her health, but watching her eat just so she can be fat is starting to turn me on, and she has been a million times happier since she told me her desire and started trying to make herself massive.

  • That’s so incredibly hot

  • I starve my gf. I make her weigh herself every day and tell me her weight. I make her stand in front of me **. We go to the gym and cycle together. She gets some small vegetarian meals each day. She can buy clothes even in the teens section.

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