Brutal Upbringing

That from the age of 11 to 16 I was abused in every way. I’m a white male in my 20’s and my mother had a bad drug problem. We lived in Los Angeles. She had dozens men who were all introduced to me as her boyfriend. It was clear they didn’t want me around. They wanted one thing and my mother was giving it for drugs. But a few of those guys wanted more. My mother would tell me they were there to make me feel happy as they slipped onto. The mattress with me. I was five drugs or booze and they were free to do whatever they wanted with me. My own mother literally whores me out to strange men. By the time I was 12 I had a real education of perversion that I won’t get into on this platform. There was one “boyfriend” who was black and in his maybe 30’s who brutalized me sexually and physically when I was 16. It was at that point that I couldn’t take any more. My mom didn’t even know who I was anymore. I had injuries no 16 year old boy should ever conceive of. I simply walked away. I went to a local high school and blended in to take a shower at their gym. It was like washing off my past and entering a new world. I brushed my teeth which felt so good and stole some clothes and lied through my teeth to get a job as a room service delivery boy at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills. I had made enough money to again lie my way into renting a room at a by the month hotel. I made friends and excelled at my job. I tried to be the best person I could. Never saw my mother again. I met an amazing woman who truly loves me. I asked her to marry me but needed to tell her my real truth. I was so ashamed of the things men had done to me and how I lived. I was so terrified of what she might think of me. I told her how men abused me, I lived in squalor, how a scrounged for and stole food and how I left that life of pain behind. She kissed me on my forehead and wrapped her soft arms around me and simply said I will always love you. My life is complete now. I have never felt so secure and happy. If you are in a bad situation, walk away. You can always change your circumstances. You can get out of a bad situation. You can find happiness. Have the courage to get up and walk away.

Jul 14

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  • Hmm they weren't men, they were animals, predators, evil demons..

    Men don't do that s***.

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