I need advice? Crazy love.

I saw my boyfriend today for the first time in about a month...
It is because of something we couldn't control, and our family vacations fell in a time in which we couldn't see each other for that long...
Anyway, in the first half, we had such a fun time... We hugged and cuddled for like an hour..
Then, we went swimming and had a fun time teasing each other in the pool.
When we got out, we did some sexual things... but, we didn't go all the way.
(We have before..)
After that, we put in a movie, and during it i was laying with him on the couch...
He seemed to be acting really weird..
I asked him what was wrong, and he kept on saying "nothing."
After I tried to get some answers out of him, he said that he wanted to take a break...
I was like, "What the heck!?" because we were pretty much on a break, not being able to see each other for that month.
He said that he wanted the break to figure out some family issues that have been going on. I agree that his family does have problems, but it hurts me that he doesn't want me to talk to him about them since we have been together for a while.
He saw how sad this break thing made me, so he told me that he was sorry, and to forget the whole thing,,,
Which is kinda hard, because you have to agree, that would hurt,,.
He said that we wouldn't go on a break, and that he is never going to leave... but he said that he needs me to understand that he needs to be alone sometimes to figure out these so called problems.
This also hurts me because it's hard to be in a relationship if you don't have communication with the other everyday,,
Another thing that really hurt me is that he went to go see a movie with a guy friend that he promised to take me to... we haven't been on a real date since i lost my virginity to him, and he never seems to go out of his way for me anymore...
What is up with this?
Advice please?
And please, no mean comments,,, This behavior is already put me in a heap of pain.

I asked him if there was someone else, and he said no.
And that he loves me, and always will.
This is my anon account so i can share, but he is really upset because his mom started sleeping with her new boyfriend last night, and she just went through a hard divorce..
2 divorces actually.

Jul 17, 2012

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  • You're on the right track. You already know that communication is key and you are more then patient and willing to talk with him. When you first saw him did he seem really distant? or did it take a bit to get the connection back?

    To be honest, the whole "I need to go on a break" just sounds like code for there's another girl that I want to test the waters with. Sorry, not what you want to hear. Because being alone to work on his problems with his family could take weeks, months or years to work out. Other reasons (why he won't just say it..) Maybe having s** scared him, or the relationship is too serious and he's feeling like it's tying him down. Does he feel like he doesn't see his friends?

    Personally, I would just say if he wants a break, then it's over. Advice..No s** until you know the status of your relationship. And it shouldn't be back on because an ultimatum is given. And he needs to put effort in the relationship, so do you.. that doesn't stop just because he got some. Otherwise, really consider if this relationship is what you want. Something may not be working and you don't want to see it, admit it or accept it. In the meantime, stay busy. Go hang with your girlfriends and enjoy your summer..

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