Relationship is so screwed now!

I'm a 16-year-old female. I have a boyfriend. hes my first local boyfriend. technically hes not my boyfriend anymore...let me explain: the past two days have been awful because I find out he was cheating on me and I confronted him and we got in a huge fight and it's just it's out-of-control he threatened me with posting my pictures even posted some pictures of me. He took them down but he still posted them. he told everybody that i self harm.. he just said some Things that I can't forgive him for. and he's my first boyfriend, locally, mind you. all i wanted was a real faithful relationship, and someone i could hold and touch. I thought he was perfect...I even slept with him. I did everything for him. i even made him a blanket. i cant believe he cheated on me with a 350 chick... and you know I wasn't going to use the L word but then he used in a desperate attempt to save me.. Just the past two days things been crazy! Anything you can imagine was said say anything and when we were together, all he talked about was p*** masturbating. so I I was completely unhappy. it's just nasty. So after this happens, After we fight for hours and he yells at me and everything after all of this happens and we finally get to a point where we can talk it out, my ex-boyfriend (long-distance boyfriend) added me on Facebook and we were "together" when I was 12 or 13 and it was probably the happiest time of my life.. Anyway so he asked for my number and he called me said i love you. i said it back... another thing about him, this kid has Severe emotional issues-- he always has --and I wanted to comfort him you know and it just I felt feelings that I had back when i was 13 and not to mention I mean there's just a lot of guys that have been messaging me and I am in such a bad relationship. it's unbearable you know?I can't take this anymore and it really hurts me a lot that I'm thinking of just getting back with my ex or dating another guy.
And to top it off after all of that begging to get me back he still isnt sure about me! Now hes p***** because he just saw a post on facebook telling my long distance friend to call me...
This hurts so much im so confused.
Sorry for the poor punctuation, i used voice text.

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