I come off as super liberal but

I come off as super liberal but truthfully, I'm more of a liberal with some latent conservative tendencies.
It makes it so hard for me to vote because even though I mostly agree with liberals, there are some things they do and advocate that I really don't think are right and I really can't vote conservative because even though I totally agree with some of the things they are going for, everything else they want completely goes against what I believe.
And don't tell me about moderates, because though they are supposed to be the middle argument for everything, in reality they're just people who never f****** get anything done.
I'm so sick of politics because like it or not, everything is harshly divided and everything is labeled.
And really, like it or not, there are only two real choices in America-- Democratic Party and Republican Party. Those are the only ones that have a chance. A vote towards anything else, no matter how good it sounds, is a vote thrown away because no other parties are getting off the ground any time soon.
But I'm not about to be all apathetic like other young people always say they are (or at least they put that as their Facebook politics stance) because apathy is worse than evil.

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  • One of my long-time friends is like that. Comes off a Mr. Hippie (which he is) and open minded, liberal, the whole thing. Unless it pertains to himself, then it's very conservative, afraid, and reticent. Wants to know everything about you and your situation, but, ask about his..Forget it.. Closed book.

  • I agree. A vote for the liberals is a vote for a republican. I usually agree with the liberal pov, but I always vote democratic, because I know we will probably never have a liberal in office. I vote based on issues that are important to me, like the war in iraq, health care, the economy, a woman's right to choose. If I was confident enough in the American people to elect a liberal president, I would wote for him, but the fact is, we are not ready for that! As far as this year, everyone, please vote for change! OBAMA!!!

  • boring

  • confess away ....

  • I talk to human beings all day, and truthfully, I don't care much for most of them. So f*** off, and just let me make my f****** confession on a site that was meant just for that.

  • So by no one, you really mean you. Get some b**** and actually talk with your mouth to a real live human being.

  • ^^No one else is going to do that, so for me to do so would be a complete waste.

  • So how would these "other" parties have a chance if you don't come out and support them? Vote all independant on all the ballots. Write-in people. Make a change starting with yourself. Stop whining about your views of 'parties' and stand up!

  • So many of our votes are thrown away because of the antiquated electoral college. But as for your issues not aligning perfectly with any one of the candidates or parties... welcome to the club. I think this is normal.

  • Vote Libertarian!!!!!!!!

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