Babies and Old Ladies

Everytime I am walking down the street and end up standing next to an old lady or a mom with her baby in a stroller or anyone with an obvious low resistance to physical damage, I just want to punch them as hard as i can just to see how awesomely devastating it would be to said frail individual. Of course I've never acted on these feelings as if I did I would be in prison for the rest of my life. But god dammit I just want to bust that old lady that lives across the street from me right in the bridge of her nose and make her brittle skull cave in, it not that shes a crotchety old b**** or anything, she's actually quite nice and tries to talk to me, but I avoid her at all costs for if i even see her i just imagine me f****** her world up. I do not have these feelings towards average people or my friends, just old ladies, cripples, blind people, mentally disabled, babies, small children, Librarians, nurses, and anyone else with zero fighting ability who I would annihilate in 5 seconds. Am I f***** up?


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  • You're in that sweet spot between "alpha male" and "pansy". You want to act like a subhuman beast and prey on those you think you can take. Keep restraining that impulse, friend, because there are a lot of people out there who will surprise you. Google up stories about 90-year-old veterans who send 20something would-be burglars to the hospital.

  • Pfftt imma nurse & I will fukn slam you to the ground what makes you think nurses can’t hold their own cocksukerr?

  • Oh my GOD!! I almost died laughing hahaha. Sounds like something I would think.

  • I a word - YES

  • Hahaha bro I wouldn't worry about it too much, I get the same feelings all the time but when we act on feelings alone, bad stuff happens.

  • yes you are f***** up, your a f****** sad b******! i hope you read this, but most of all you sound like a fuking evil p**** b****, do the world a favour and jump off a cliff before you do hurt some old person or kid, b**** . u better never do that coz if u did and i knew you i'd deal with you. and dont have kids, we dont need anymore c**** like you on earth, theres enough!!! what the f** happened to u made u this way??????

  • 'by the same person who wrote the above comment' you were young one day, if your lucky you will be old one day watch it!

  • In a word . . . "yes".

  • You are f***** up. Why don't you punch someone your age and get your ass kicked you sick worthless b******.

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