Okay i identify as bisexual but laley i have been thinking i could be a lesbian. i am not straight. i am definatley into girls, i know that for sure. i have dreams about a girl that i and i want to kiss her and be with her and...(i am not going to explain my love for her right now but basically it is not returned :(
but guys, i don't know. i find some guys attractive but i would never on a sexual way.
i would never date a guy
when people talk about b******* i want to vomit and even the sight of a p**** makes me feel sick.
but like i said i am still kinda attracted to guys
i don't understand myslelf and i know, i'm 14 and i shouldnt be worrying about this this stuff and i shouldnt pressure myslef to a label. but i would like to understand myself. please any advice would be great:S

Jul 31, 2012

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  • Well, I am a 14 year old, 15 next month, and my situation is pretty close to yours. Maybe. I don't know, decide for yourself. I, for some reason, don't like relationships unless they are between two chicks or between two dudes. I feel sexually attracted to females, but I would never, ever want to have s** with a guy. But I still appreciate hotness, either gender. The only difference is that when I see a hot guy, I'd rather see him make out with the hot guy next to him than go mack on him myself. However, once I meet the right girl, I would definitely hope to be in a relationship with her. You shouldn't be so desperate for a label, though, cause for some people, there isn't one yet. When someone asks you aboutypur sexuality, you can say, "mind your own damn business," or "it's complicated," or, in the right situation, "Get in the bed and I'll show you." Sexuality is a complicated thing, so just go with what you are interested in and stop worrying so much about what label you just HAVE to live your life under. Just relax, girl, you've got nothin' to worry about. :)


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