I will flirt with your boyfriend.

I will flirt with your boyfriend. When aren't around, at work, at the bar, at the supermarket. If I find out that he has a girlfriend, I will go out of my way to lay on the charm. Not because I want him. Its just a safe way to put myself out there. I love to see the conflicted look on their poor faces. Something about that pain makes me powerful. So when you're worried that he's getting too flirty with the girl in Accounting? Yeah, be afraid.

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  • Im a man,with honor,if you tried this with me i would beat you to a b***** pulp for thinking that you have some kind of superpower,you dont,you have a v***** and there are men out there like me that will readily slap you for your attempts at f****** with someone elses relationship,you're not powerful,you're pathetic and you need to get the f*** over yourself before you f*** with the wrong b****** man and you get your s*** stomped into the pavement.Promiscuous piece of crap that thinks you're some kind of master manipulator,i went out with a girl like you once and thought that she was hardcore s*** just like you, now she's 20 with a toothless 30 year old with a minimum wage job and she doesnt do s*** to contribute to society,just gets drunk and whines about everything.You disgust me,Die

  • So classy! just a s*** stiring s*** in my mind. Must be lacking something in her own life to want to upset others.

  • This is the biggest turn off, ever. Women like this make me sick to my stomach.

  • You sound like such a charming girl..Either easy or you just love the attention i guess.

  • HAH! As a male i can't deny the obvious kink this bears, kudos on your sexual confidence... though i do hope that it is just as you say an... innocent may not be the right word xD... game you play knowing that nothing will come of it.
    Lets face it, everyone likes a good flirt, and though i would personally say that i wouldnt be overly KEEN on a girlfriend of mine being overly flirty with another guy, i have to admit that we are human beings and i have to allow a bit of understanding to natural drives... just so long as its me she takes to bed at the end of the day, and nothing else comes of this attention on the other guy... though thats probably more a point of pride.
    Many would call you... well, not very nice words for this behaviour, but from the way you write it it seems you just enjoy a bit of a game... but as one of the commentors here has suggested... be careful that you don't lead the wrong guy on too much : / you may end up in a situation you didn't want, and not just rape... but a very angry girlfriend.
    Still, kudos on your confidence and taking the reigns with your sexual power... just dont get carried away... with great power comes great responsibility and all that ;P

  • Write back about your rape counseling in a few weeks...lol

  • ........nasty...........

  • And what, pray tell, do you think I'm doing with YOURS??

  • im a guy and i think i love you.

  • Love the sass. Love the attitude. Love everything you wrote and everything you think and everything you do. Keep at it, girl!!! For all of us women out there that wish they could be you!!!

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