I love you, but I want to stop

I had loved this boy for over a year. I had loved anyone this long. But he is a player, he doesn't seem to have any interest. Sometime I feel like he is just using me, but I can't stoping loving him. I really don't care that he hands with other girls, because I don't really want to have any relationship with him. I just want to be his, but he never made any moves on me. It broke my heart just never being flirted by him, I really don't know what to do. I think I have not good enough for him, but all my friends think I am just too shy in front of him. The funny thing is I am never shy and I am even kinda of flirty, but he just makes me too self conscience to do anything. I tried to forget about him by getting a boyfriend that is exactly opposite from him. When me and my boyfriend (now ex) walked together, I saw him. Just the way he looked at me made me brake up with my then boyfriend. Nothing works. I want to move on, especially he had graduated. But I really can't. It's so painful.

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