Touched up in elevator

The whole experience lasted about 30 seconds but still makes me wet now! I was in an elevator with a stranger then as it moved he grabbed my b****** , put his tongue in my mouth and put 2 fingers in my p****. His c*** was rock hard! After about 15 seconds of fast and rough fingering, groping and kissing he stopped, smiled at me and got off the elevator. This is the h******* experience of my life. It was wrong but I loved it and would want it to happen again!

Aug 3, 2012

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  • I admit, was drunk in a hotel one night, got into the elevator, and felt up a hot, equally-drunk woman in a short skirt and little see-through shirt. First was just a quick, see if I could get away with it, grope, but, since she only laughed it off (and didn't whack me one), I wrapped my hands around her upper body, from behind, and gave her t*** a good groping. We exited at the same floor, and, all she said was..Well, THAT was fun..

  • This is major bullshit.

  • Huh, interesting one! Hey, if you enjoyed it you enjoyed it, everyone's got kinks and fetishes. Just... y'know... be careful about seeking out more thrills, you never know what kind of guy you might lead on xD
    S***, if you meet this guy again, he's obviously into you (and hopefully not a rapist, since he just goes for it) then try for a repeat performance... but yeah, be careful would be a good piece of advice still : s

  • This seriously has left me sooo sooo h**** you have no idea! I can imagine Ryan Gosling doing that to me! Funny I dont even find him attractive but if this could happen to me, I'd wish he was the stranger!

  • sounds hot. i wish that was me lol

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