I used to picked on in the sixth grade. this guy named dean... everyday after school he waited for me with his friends on the trail to my house. i got beatin everyday... my parents wanted me to tell the princable, but i was scared they would beat me up for it. so one day, i woke up in the morning with rage. i caught the bus to school. and i waited all day at that trail.. finaly i saw them coming, i waited for the right moment. and then i through my first punch at dean. his friends grabbed me. they hel so he could punch me in the stomach. i struggled and struggled... then finaly i broke free from one guy and gave the other guy a good punch. i dodged deans punch and grabbed the back of his head and put him down and knee'd his face then went on him and started throwing rapped punches to his face. and the other guy who i struggled from speared me started doing the same thing to me, so i used my right leg to shove him off me. punched his gut and waked away. the next day the cops came to my house asking me questions about the other day. i told them everything and then they whispered to eachother and then said "have a nice day" i mean WTF! that didnt sound like them. well anywho that was 3 years ago, im not proud of what i did though. i cant stop thinking about it. im 14 and i was 10 in the sixth grade. aha well have a good day!

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Very very very very angry

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  • did you get brain damage dumb **

  • Be proud that you got the courage to fight back and stop your tormentors in their tracks. You did great. Rejoice!


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