Wife drugged at hospital

When my wife and I were married about 2 years she developed an ovarian cyst and was in a lot of pain. I took her to the hospital and they took her into the exam room. Once they figured out what was wrong they gave her a shot for the pain. It did take the pain away but made her quite loopy. I don’t remember exactly what the reason but a nurse and a technician came in to give my wife a catheter. I started to leave the room but my wife wanted me to stay. She had a hospital gown on and with a female nurse on one side and the male technician on the other they told my wife they were going to insert a catheter. The pain medication had kicked in and also seemed to take away her inhibitions. The male technician said we are going to lift your gown to put the catheter in. My wife said oh I can do that and pulled her gown up to her waist. Her ** was shaved completely and the technician said oh this should be easy. Then my wife said, my husband shaves me because he likes me shaved. The female nurse looked at me and smiled. Then my wife said of course I like it too because I can feel his beard when he’s down there. The nurse and technician both kind of laughed. My wife looked at the nurse and said you should let him shave you. He’s very gentle and does a good job don’t you think? You wouldn’t mind shaving her if she wanted you to would you honey? Now we are all kind of laughing at her. The technician said let me get this catheter in and said I need you to relax and give me a little room to work. My wife said you mean you need me to open my legs? He said yes just a little. My wife opened her legs wide and said will this be enough? He said yes that’s enough just try to relax and hold your gown up. My wife said you got it and as he was inserting the catheter my wife pulled her gown up higher. No one was watching what my wife was doing they were both concentrating on getting her catheter in. By the time the catheter was inserted my wife had her gown pulled up to her neck. She misunderstood him when he said hold your gown up she thought he said pull your gown up. Now my wife has nothing on under her gown so she was holding the gown under her neck exposing **. They told her she could pull her gown down it didn’t need to be that high. My wife said you said pull my gown up. She said I thought you needed to examine my boobies for some reason. My wife laughed and pilled her gown down to her waist. They left and said the dr will be in to see you shortly. About 20 minutes had gone by and a dr came in and said she had two cysts. He said I want to listen to your heart for a minute and then we’ll see what we can do for your cysts. The dr turned to me and said she is going to be fine. He turned back to my wife and she had her gown pulled up to her neck again with ** exposed. The dr didn’t flinch at all and just put his stethoscope on her chest and listened to her heart. He said ok your fine and you can pull your gown down. My wife held her gown at her neck giving the dr time to get another look at her body. Then she looked at him and said thank you. He said for what? She said for telling me I looked fine. He said the medication is doing its job i can see. I laughed and said yes it is. He said again you can pull your gown down and we’ll see what we can do for your cysts. My wife started laughing. The dr asked what was funny. My wife said she misunderstood what he had said. He said I said we will see what we can do for your cysts. She started laughing again and said she thought he said he wanted to listen to her heart and see what he could do for her **. She said thats why I pulled my gown up so you could see them and listen to my heart. She was laughing so hard she was crying. She said she wondered why when the pain was down below that he wanted to see what he could do for my **. She continued laughing and said you told him I was going to be fine and I thought you were looking at me and telling me I looked fine. The dr laughed and said you are going to be fine and you look fine to. Still laughing she pulled her gown up exposing her ** and of course her ** and said do you really think I’m fine. The dr laughed and looked at me and said you got your hands full. Then as he left he said they were going to take her and run another test and take some pictures, meaning xrays. She looked at me and said are you ok with this? I said sure why wouldn’t I be. She said because they are probably going to take pictures of me naked. I laughed and said they were talking about xrays. She started laughing again and said in her mind they were going to give her a test and then take her to a room and take pictures of her naked. I said why would she think that? She said oh I’m really screwed up. She said the dr was telling me I’m fine, he said they were going to do something about my cysts and I thought he said **, and when he said take some pictures I thought he wanted pictures of me naked because i was shaved and liked my ** because he thought I was fine. She started laughing again and said these are good drugs. A few minutes later an orderly came to take her for her tests. He said we’ll get you taken care of and you’ll be just fine. She looked at him and said you want to see fine? Then pulled her gown up showing her ** and ** to the orderly. He laughed and said they gave you the good drugs didn’t they. The next day they let her go home. The cysts had broken and she wasn’t in pain anymore and wasn’t drugged up anymore. They came to take her catheter out and she seemed so embarrassed that they were seeing her shaved **. On the way home I told her everything she did under the influence of the drugs. We laughed so hard and then she turned red blushing because she didn’t remember most of it but she did remember thinking they were going to take naked pictures of her. She said and I remember volunteering you to shave the nurse. She said I can’t go to that hospital ever again. I laughed and said you might as well, Im sure they Will remember you. She said thats what I’m afraid of. She said if we aren’t doing anything Friday she wanted to go out to eat. I laughed and said make it Saturday. I’m shaving the nurse on Friday. We both laughed.

Jan 18

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  • Sounds very funny and similar to something that happened to me although I worked at the same hospital and well the doc and I did see eachother again. we had some good laughs and my husband dpoesnt know but I let the doc have a couple good times over it too

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