I was turned into a sissy by wife

I married my wife, she was 18 and I was 20. We were married only one year then I noticed I was growing b**** and my skin was getting soft, hair on my body was light as I'm a blonde,my ass was getting bigger while hips were getting wide and I noticed I had curvey body like my wife. I asked if could see her sister that was OB. She made the appointment. I went in nurse handed me a cup said to pee in the cup and get into the cown and climb onto to exam table nurse put my feet in the stripups and said doctor will be in about five minutes but I needed to sign a paper agreeing for treatment. My sister in law walked in and asked if I still wanted and I said yes not knowing what wife and her had planned. She washed my ball area, wife shaved it before we went to the appointment, doctor applied this numbing agent in my b**** area and castrated me. Said this will help in the changes and her husband has me scheduled for surgery in a month to finish my transsation. When got home wife said she fixed up the guest room up for me said she bought me new clothes for me to wear. She said sense I was a girl I needed to dress the part. I was told to change throw away the clothes. She told me I'm Cassidy from now on. She explained that since I had 4" c*** and couldn't get her pregnant and she couldn't divorce me because I soon get my money from grandfather's will. And she showed me all the papers I signed stating I wanted to become a woman, all my friends they knew I transgender because the way I looked and was dressing.


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  • Wow my wife would like to due that to me

  • Nice dream, but I very much doubt you wen't talked to by the doctor to confirm the treatment. Never have I ever seen that not happen. If it were that easy I would have been done like that years ago.

  • What The F***!

  • Ah such a dream of a middle aged man

  • Your story sounds fake as h***, but If what you are saying is true, why not persue legal actions. Otherwise I just don't believe you. In order for your body to progress to the level it did, as you say, and you sat around as if things were normal makes you sound crazy. It's people like you that still believe in magic!! LOL!!

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