Very Complicated filled with guilt

Okay, this is a real confession i am making and its taking all my courage up to post...

Basically, i get turned on by everyone who is human.. and that means apart from older women, it also include underage kids.. yes, i know its very very wrong and i really feel guilty of it but i just cannot help myself... :(

I would NEVER EVER have s** with them and nor would i even touch them (that is very disgusting) and i have NEVER EVER looked at underage kids in a sexual manner.. as a matter of fact, i have never looked at anyone in a sexual manner... looking at them just helps me relieve all the tension and stress... i know its very very wrong and i feel guilty but i just cannot help myself.. :(

Since i am a very shy person from a conservative family, i hardly ever got close to having girls as a good friend and as such am quite shy towards opposite s**.

I am very confused and i feel guilty of all this. What is happening to me? Am i mentally sick? Do i need to visit a psychiatrist or go into a therapy? Please help me. :(

Well, this is my confession, i hope you all don't judge me harshly. :(


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  • Ya right like its the project of a sandy ago police department or sapd

  • My opinion (and that's all it is) is that you go to therapy. Not because you're sick or broken or weak or different. I think your probably normal. ( I personally believe we should change school cirriculum to include emotional education, because everyone has them and you are never really taught how to deal with them) You should understand yourself and why you feel the way you do. Therapists are trained in and have learned about these types of things and can provide much needed insight into the psychology of your feelings. But, just like in any profession, there are good ones and bad ones. Dont take everything they say as gospel. They are human with there own fallabilities. Do research on picking a good one. The most important thing is you should NEVER act on your feelings for minors!!
    That is NEVER okay.

  • It sounds as if you may have a sexual disfunction (unless you're going through puberty right now). Possibly sexual addiction or something like it. It doesn't mean you're sick, but therapy would probably help. Don't worry, you're not a perv.

  • leave him alnone liar

  • hey, dumbass...this website is a project of the San Diego PD...don't put s*** like this here...the cops now have your Media Access Control (MAC) will be tracked in their homeland security database forever to see if you are downloading child p***.

  • It's all right, man. Everybody's got weird sexual s*** they don't talk about. As long as you don't go through with your sexual desires for an underage or unwilling person, there's nothing to pin on you. Just ignore these thoughts or keep them in your head. If you truly feel uncomfortable with these ideas in your mind, then by all means, go to a psychiatrist. Your thoughts should be your sanctuary, and if not, then get yourself checked out. It's up to you, bud.

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