Hate your ex

Im starting to hate my ex? My life has gotten way better since we've broken up, but im really starting to strongly dislike my ex. She just screwed me over and didnt even try to clear things up. Im getting better; but man... anybody else know how I feel? If she talked to me again id still respect her as everyone needs to be respected, but in my head, my imaginations, I really resent her. We havent talked in a long time (which im kind of glad), but i tried to talk to her again to mkae things better for me emotionally, but that only made things worse.

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  • She's your ex and you're just now "starting" to hate her? I'm on my third marriage, and I started hating both of my exes while I was still married to them, and that hatred has only grown more powerful and delicious and satisfying with each passing year. I haven't started hating my current wife yet, but if I gave myself half a chance, I could easily start hating her today.

    You're missing out on all the fun, pal. You need to get to work on forming and feeding a deep, dark, gnawing, angry, snarling hatred of your ex. Repeat after me: "Dear sweet mother of CHIRST, how I totally hate that miserable sack of s*** I used to be married to!" And when you speak of her to friends, always, ALWAYS refer to her as "the hairy unbathed b****". You have a long way to go, my friend, but I like your chances of getting there!

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