I believe my wife his cheating on me , I have no real proof but the way she acts and the things she does and says I know something his going on . Would anybody tell me the signs to look for , The things she would say and do how she would behave I need help to find these signs . Please Thank you

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  • The number one sign today is how much she guards her phone. Watch to see how she acts when she is texting and you walk in the room. Does she pull in down so you cant see who she is texting? Does she take it with her even to the bathroom?
    Has your s** life died off, her keeping a little later hours at work?
    These were all the signs I noticed when my wife started acting a little off. After showing up where she worked one day I found out she was lying about working late. I walked in and the receptionist asked me what I was doing there, telling me my wife left over an hour ago. I told her I must have mixed up her hours and left. The next day I sat in my company truck across from her office, I watched as she walked out the door right over to a car in the lot. The seemed to talk a few seconds then she got in her car and followed him out of the parking lot. i followed and eventually caught them . They had pulled off at an outdoor sports complex . The fields were empty and not another car in the lot. Imagine their surprise when I walked up to his car knocking on the window while my wife was sucking his c***.

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