Guys are so skeezy

At a wedding last weekend I ended up getting a bit carried away, A group of about a dozen of us decided to all go sit on the dock and have a drink, I was already blitzed and had to stop part way down the dock and puke.
The next day my husband explained all the laughing and camera flashes which I thought were just the group laughing at me for puking. NOPE!!!! my husband explained that while I was leaning over the rail hurling into the water my entire back yard was on display because my dress was already short and had lifted it up, He said they could basically see my s***** and even my butt hole and everyone was laughing and taking pictures and showed me the ones he took and yeah, It was all there...Unhappy doesn't even begin to describe my mood with him that morning and I had a bit of a freak out.
I am not sure what his train of thought was showing everyone my bits but I am not impressed with him.

Jun 14

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  • Find out who has pictures and give them the I showed you mine, let's see yours.

  • Men will never change, nor do we want to. Women today, mostly white women only complain about this sort of stuff because they are so distant from the reality of this world because of resource abundance. Men should be more shameless not less, so long as it's genuine. You puking and losing control of your bodily functions so hard that they could literally see your b******* is f****** hilarious. These are first world problems and most of you white girls take this sort of s*** way too seriously.

  • So some friends have seen your naked bum. It's not such a big deal. Just laugh it off if it ever gets mentioned to you.

  • Men are visual creatures. Candaulism, voyeurism and exhibitionism are all common and rather tame sexual preferences. Phycologists today claim that these are healthy desires and a GOOD relationship integrating the lover completely identifies with his partner's body, and deeply in his mind is unconsciously showing himself off. Basically, he is pushing his sexuality off onto you, rather voyeuristically. This is believed to indicate he is very faithful and may become prone to becoming a happy Cuckold.

  • Then don’t get drunk and allow that to happen, no one to blame but you

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